Grammar and Speaking
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, SS will learn how to use superlatives and practice the form in the context of family.


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Abc Family tree templates
Abc Small papers that adjectives written on them
Abc Anna's Family Tree
Abc Page 47 from Face2Face Pre-intermediate Students' Book

Main Aims

  • To provide understanding and practice superlatives in the context of family.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide oral fluency practice with discussions in the context of comparison of family members.


Lead In (3-5 minutes) • To set context for the lesson.

-Talk with them about their previous lesson to link between your lesson. -They used family members' names and ask what they have learned. -Ask them how many thing we compare in comparatives? -Write an example on the WB: I am taller then Mehmet. Fatma is younger then Ali. -So there is two things to compare. -What if we have 3 or more things: we express this comparisons like: -Ask them to look at the picture and tell: CCQs They are all happy,right? Yes. Look at he bride, is she happier than anyone else in the wedding? Yes she is the most happiest. There are handsome men,Who is more handsome than all the others?Dom is the most handsome man in there. Who is younger than the others? Show the kid. -Ask them to repeat the superlatives after you and drill it. So tell them we use superlatives when we are comparing 2 or more thing. -Elicit and write the answers on board. -They will probably know the comparatives with this knowledge make them guess what superlatives.

Stage 2 - Grammar (5-10 minutes) • To teach superlatives using videos in the context of Dom's Family.

-Ask them to look at the first questions at the page 47 and read them and after watching try to answer them. -Tell them that they are going to watch videos about superlatives. -Via videos try to elicit the forms and show them a couple of examples with questions. -If they can't give the rules through the examples show the rules with re-playing those videos. CCQs: -When do we use -est? To make superlatives of adjectives of one syllable. -When do we use the most? To make superlatives of 2-syllable adjectives not ending in -y and adjectives with 3 syllables or more.

Stage 3 - Grammar Activities (15-20 minutes) • To provide controlled activities to practice superlatives.

-Ask SS to look at previous activity that they did in the previous lesson, and find the superlatives in that and underline them and answer the questions in 5th activity. -SS will work alone. -Give them 5 minutes. -Give them page 47. ICQs: -What are you going to do? We are going to find the superlatives and underline them and answer the questions. -How many minutes do you have? 5 minutes -Are you working in a group? No, alone. Feedback: -After 5 minutes ask them to check their answers with their partners in 1 minute, then elicit their answers and check with WC. -Write the adjectives(intelligent, lazy, popular, good, bad, helpful, fat) on papers and stick them on WB. -Show them the comparative and superlatives of these adjectives. -SS working in groups. -Ask them to match the comparative and superlatives forms of the adjectives. -Give them the papers that these adjectives' comparative and superlatives forms written on them. -SS have 3 minutes to do this activity. ICQs: -Are you working alone? No,in a group. -What are going to do in this activity? We are going to match the comparative and superlatives these adjectives. -Feedback: -Elicit their answers take their papers and take them by one by and stick it on the correct column. -Highlight errors on WB and correct with WC.

Stage 5 - Controlled and Guided Activities (5-10 minutes) • To practice superlatives in the context of family.

-Show the 8th activity and ask them to fill in the gaps in Dom's sentences with the superlatives form of the adjectives in brackets. -Warn them not to forget to use 'the' if necessary. -SS will work alone. -SS have 3 minutes for this. ICQs: How much time you have for this activity? 3 minutes Are you working in pairs? No, we are working alone. Feedback: -Ask them to check their answers in pairs in 1 minutes. -Elicit the answers and check with the WC. * -Show Anna's family tree -Ask them to make a family tree like that and think of one superlatives to describe each person on their family tree. -Give them templates to fill the blanks with their family members and their characteristics. -SS will work alone. -SS have 3 minutes to complete. ICQs: How many minutes do you have? 3 minutes. How will do this activity in groups or alone? Alone. -Feedback: -Elicit the answers with ask SS to ask questions to a student to get information about her/his family members. If there will errors write them down and at the end of the lesson check with the WC.

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