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Grammar Lesson
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to practice and review how to express ability in the present, past and future.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice and review of ability in present, past and future in the context of Challenges and Success

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of of language for expressing ability in present and future.
  • To provide practice of in peer-check groups in BORs in the context of Challenges and Success


Setting Context (Lead - in) (3-5 minutes) • To engage learners and activate their previous knowlegde of the topic area

- T shows short video about The Marshmallow Test (2 min) - Learners work in pairs in breakout rooms and answer the following question: What do you find difficult to resist? For example: Buying Clothes, spending too much time online or with the cell phone, eating junk food. (1.5) - T asks a volunteer to answer the question and conducts OCFB. (1.5 mins)

Text - Work (3-5 minutes) • Have the learners go through the text to get them to notice the target language. Adapt a task for learners to notice the TL in context.

- T gives a link to the Google form where students read about The Marshmallow Test, Ss listen and complete the blanks in the reading. (2 mins) - Ss compare their answers in groups in breakout rooms. (2 min) - T conducts OCFB (1 min)

Language Clarification (Teach Vocabulary) (10-15 minutes) • Check with ss the MFP of the target vocabulary

- T covers MFPA of the grammatical items below - T explains the meaning of the lexical items below - T conducts OCFB (5 min) - Teacher elicits pronunciation from students - T conducts OCFB

Controlled Practice (3-5 minutes) • Adapt a task to get learners to practice the TL

- Instructions: Complete the sentences using the correct forms of the words (Use a google form for this activity) - ICQs: Are we going to complete or listen? - T demos - Individually, learners read the statements and match them with the phrases given. (2 min) - Check answers in pairs (2 min) - T conducts OCFB (1 min)

Freer Practice (mantein the context) (7-10 minutes) • Design a task that gets the learners to practice the language meaningfully

- Instructions: We are going to share experiences about:  something you can do now that you couldn´t do a few years ago.  Something you hope you will be able to do in the future. - T scaffolds the task by eliciting some useful language that can be used to complete the task. - Learners work in groups and discuss. - Learners switch pairs as many times as possible as time allows.

Feedback and Error Correction (3-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students´ production and use of language

- T conducts OCFB following up on the production stage. - T writes on the jam board samples of learners’ production and sets a task in pairs for learners to identify the correct and incorrect sentences and correct the latter ones. - T conducts OCFB

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