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Copy of Renting a flat
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn the relevant vocabulary for renting an apartment/ flat. Ss will do both controlled and semi controlled excercises to test their retention of the vocabulary. They will use this vocabulary to play a role play game at the end of class to describe their ideal apartment.


Abc Picture of rooms in a flat

Main Aims

  • -To provide speaking and writing practice of furniture and room vocabulary in the context of renting an apartment. -To have students be able to produce their own advert for a flat they would like to rent.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To have the students pronouncing the vocabulary related to renting a flat correctly.. To review the use of 'there is/there isn't, there are/there aren't to describe flats.


Lead In (4 minutes) • To get Ss interested in the topic

Teacher will ask the class some general questions: 'Do you live in an apartment?' 'Where is the best place to have an apartment in Istanbul?' 'How do you find an apartment? Is it difficult?' The teacher will show the students slide show pictures of their own student apartment in Ireland. Teacher will elicit the names of the rooms which are shown, and write these names on the WB (spread out so that they can be used in the next stage).

Board rush (5 minutes) • To test students knowledge of vocabulary

-With the elicited room names from the slide show written on the WB, the teacher will split the class into five groups (for the five rooms: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom) -The teacher will tell the Ss that they have to run to the WB and write as many items which can be found in the room given to their group (20 seconds limit). -Teacher will count up the correct words in each group (correcting any misspelling). Teacher will try and elicit any other items the Ss might have left out and write these under the room name. Important vocab: -Kitchen: cooker, stove, fridge, dishwasher, washing machine, sink, cupboard. -Living room: sofa, armchair, coffee table, plant, TV, -Dining room: table, chairs, rug, plant, curtains. -Bedroom: Single bed, double bed, desk, lamp, wardrobe -Bathroom: Toilet, sink, bath, shower, mirror

Drill pronunciation (3 minutes) • To drill pronunciation of any difficult words

-Teacher will drill the pronunciation of each of the words written on the WB, alternating between asking the WC and the established groups from the last activity. Particular attention to be paid to the following words: *kitchen: /ˈkɪtʃɪn/ *shower: /ˈʃaʊə/ *cooker: /ˈkʊkə/ *bath: /bɑːθ/ *fridge: /frɪdʒ/

1st Controlled practice (4 minutes) • To test concept check the students knowledge of the vocab.

-Instruct Ss to fill in the blanks on the HO 'Rooms in a flat/house' individually, and then check their answers by asking the questions to each other in pairs. (Give 1 minute for writing the answers and 3 minutes for asking the questions to their partners).

2nd Controlled practise (4 minutes) • To have Ss practising the vocabulary in a controlled way so they can use this vocabulary in the next exercise for speaking.

Give the Ss the picture of the apartment. Have the Ss work in pairs for this activity. Instruction 1: I am giving you a picture of an apartment. Please work in pairs and write the names of the different rooms marked by letters ‘a-b’. For example, what room is A? (Elicit bedroom) You have 1 minute to complete this. ICQs: *Will you write the names of the furniture? No *Will you write the names of the rooms? Yes For feedback ask different pairs to tell the class what each letter is. Instruction 2: Now work in your pairs again and write the things/furniture in the rooms. E.g. 1 is a cooker For feedback ask different pairs to tell the class what each number is.

Semi controlled practice (6 minutes) • Ss will use the vocabulary learnt to answer questions

Students will be given the HO with an advert for an apartment to rent, which relates to the picture they’ve been given in the previous activity. Students will work individually to answer the questions on the HO. Students will be given three minutes to complete this, and then they will compare their answers in pairs.

Demonstration of final activity (2 minutes) • To demonstrate how the final task will be completed

-Teacher will elicit from the WC what the important things are to look for when renting an apartment. (Location, number of rooms, size, price, furniture). -Teacher will draw a quick plan for her apartment on the board and explain that the students will be getting into pairs to create an advert for a place they would really like to live.

Freer speaking and personalisation (17 minutes) • To have the students use the vocabulary from the lesson to create an advert

-Students will be split into groups of three or four depending on class numbers. -Students will be instructed to draw a plan of their ideal apartment (using the HO) and to write an advert including the points (location, size, price, number of rooms, furniture). (10 minutes for this) -The groups will then go one by one to the WB and stick up their adverts. The other groups will then be allowed ask 2 questions about each apartment. Ss will get up and look at the other groups adverts stuck on the WB and decide which one they would like to rent (by putting a tick under the appropriate one). (7 minutes for this) Then the students will pick which apartment from the other groups that they would like to rent.

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