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TP 3
upper Intermediate level


In this reading lesson, students will improve their receptive (reading) skills by reading a text, focusing on vocabulary and practicing. They will read a text about internet and learnt some prefixes. At the end of the lesson they will have chance to practice the prefixes with a game.


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Main Aims

  • Reading: Students will read a text about internet. They will skim and scan the text in different activities.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary: In Lead-in part students will learn some words related to internet. Then in production part they will learn prefixes and practice what they learnt.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To warm sts up for the reading text

. print out pictures for these words: . a search engine . a forum . an online encyclopedia . an online dating agency . a blog . facebook . twitter . Elicit the meanings from students. Use CCQ here to make sure that the meanings are clear. . choral drill the words. Put them in context so that they will memorize them better. . Ask sts to work in pairs and discuss these words; Do they use these? How often? What else do they use in internet?

READING FOR THE GIST (exercise 2a) (4-7 minutes) • To understand the gist of the text and improve sts' receptive skills

. Divide students into two groups. . Give the text and the headings in ex. 2a to each group . Ask each group to work in groups, skim the text in 2 minutes and match the paragraphs with the headings. . Check the questions and correct any mistake.

READING FOR SPECIFIC INFORMATION (ex. 2b) (5-7 minutes) • to look for a specific information in the text and improve their receptive skills

. Prepare some papers with the words from ex. 2b on them. Stick them on the WB. . Divide the class into two groups. . Ask sts to work with their partners and find what does the text say about these things. . They scan the text in 2 minutes and find the answers. . Check the answers WC. Get FB from sts and correct any mistake.

CONTROLLED WRITING PRACTICE (6-9 minutes) • to elicit from sts the meaning of prefixes and some examples

. On WB write: anti Intermediate Pre nuclear Multi conscious Self player . ask students to match the words. . Elicit from the students the meaning of “prefix” . Ask sts to look at the words in bold in the text. Try to guess their meanings. . give sts the HO1, do the first e.g. on WB and ask them to complete the rest in pairs. . Get FB from sts and correct any mistake.

SEMI-CONTROLLED WRITING ACTIVITY. (4-7 minutes) • To practice the prefixes

. Tell sts that now you are going to play a game. . Prepare a HO with the words from ex. 3b, write also some prefixes in another column. . Tell them that they will work in pairs and match the prefixes with words and write as many new words as they can. (they can use the prefixes more than once) . after two minutes stop them and count the right answers.

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