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Teaching practice 4b
Upper- Intermidiate level


In this lesson the students are going to have a focus on grammar. (used to/ get/be used to+V_ing/noun) in the context of generations and differences between them. They are going to do some activities to practice this new grammatical structure. After that the students will have a short session of productive skill (speaking) with the target language.


Abc Teacher's material
Abc Adapted materials(fill in the gaps ex)
Abc Adapted materials
Abc Adapted worksheet
Abc Adapted material (rule)

Main Aims

  • To provide the students with the knowledge of grammatical structures "be used to" and "get used to" in the context of generations.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking for accuracy in the context of new grammar (target language)


Warmer/Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to engage the students

1). I will introduce the students to the topic of our discussion "generation gap" and difference between "generations".2) I'll write down the sentence with the TL. 3).As a whole class,they will decide if the first example is for generation Y (i'll refer to the previous lesson,the listening part) or the older generation. We'll discuss that.

Language focus (7-13 minutes) • to get students to know the target language

1).I'll give the students the handouts.2). They will have to fill in the blanks and than check in pairs. 3).After that I elicit the difference between be used to and get used to.4). After that i'll write a language rule and will draw a timeline to show the students how the different forms relate.5). I'll give an example about myself,including extra information to make it more interesting,"When i first came to Turkey, i didn't like ayran,because i wasn't used to it. But now i'm getting used to ayarn,and i'm also completely used to doner kebab.6). I'll ask CCQ like "Which form shows a process or a learning stage (getting used to; Which one shows that the process is complete? (be used to). After that i'll give them the hand out with the rule,so they can look at it whenever they want.

Guided discovery (6-10 minutes) • to practice the target language

The students will be given a hand out with task.2).The students will fill in the gaps.3). After that they will check in pairs.4)We'll have a quick feedback all together after that.

Semi-controlled practice (5-11 minutes) • to practice the target language

1).The students will be given hand outs.2).). I will model one sentence with them and after that the students will work individually.4).After that the students check their answers in pairs.5).After that i'll invite them to write answers on the white board.

Productive Task (9-11 minutes) • to practice speaking for accuracy

1). The students will be divided into groups ,they will be given a hand out 2). The students will have to to complete the phrase about their generation (My generation is used to...We are still getting used to....We haven't got used to ...I don't think i'll ever get used to...3).Than we'll have a discussion in the class.

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