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Beginner level


In this lesson, SS will be engaged in a systems' lesson(vocabulary) about family and a receptive skill development by reading a text for the gist and specific information related to family as well. This is followed by a productive task (speaking) about families and people in the ss' country.


Abc Copies of page 34,35 from Straightforward Beginner Level- Straightforward CD1- Family pictures

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice for the family vocabulary.
  • To make student skim for gist and scan details in a reading text.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make SS produce(speak or write) using the family vocabulary.


Stage1(Lead-in) (5-10 minutes) • To grab the students attention and pre-teach blocking vocabulary.

- Hold a picture of a family and ask students what is this. - Put students into groups. - Set a game to elicit the family vocabulary.

Stage 2 (5-7 minutes) • Students skim the text.

- Write a focus question on the board: Where is the family from? - Put students into pairs. - Do feedback with SS.

Stage 3 (7-10 minutes) • Students scan the text for details

- Students read the questions on page 34 exercise (2) - Students scan the text. - Students pair-check. - The teacher does the feedback.

Stage 4 (5-7 minutes) • Students speak using the language.

- Put students into pairs or groups. - Students speak about families and people in their country. - The teacher monitor the students. - The teacher does the feedback.

Stage 5 (5-7 minutes) • Pronunciation of the schwa

- The teacher elicits the pronunciation of some words which contain the schwa sound. - The teacher writes the form on the board. - The students practice them.

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