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Life stages, 110th Birthday (reading/speaking) TP2
Intermediate B2 level


SS will be developing receptive skills by gist and specific information reading about a woman's 110th birthday celebration. SS will practice speaking by sequencing topics and making comparisons. Once the aims are met SS will have a semi controlled and freer speaking discussion, comparing ideas and living to be 113.


Abc Prediction HO: Reading-Ex: 1
Abc Ordering HO Ex: 3
Abc Answer Key Group A&B Ex: 4
Abc Ex: 5 Question
Abc Questions Ho, Reading-Ex: 4
Abc Reading Text
Abc Focu Vocab PPT
Abc Ordering Answer Key HO Ex: 3

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about different life stages in the context of 113th Birthday

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion in the context of changes through life


Lead in (2 minutes) • To introduce the TL and create interest.

Before the lesson starts T gives the SS two different colored pieces of paper, one color for each student. T ask SS " How old does the average person live in Turkey?" "Who is the oldest person you knew, or know?" Write the title of the text on the board. "Florrie celebrates her 113th birthday."

Stage 1: Preparation to read -Predictions (4 minutes) • to establish a global understanding of the text

T shows a picture of Florence Baldwin and ask, "How do you think Florri will celebrate her birthday?" Take an idea or two and say " Let's talk about it with a friend" (S-T) T gestures the SS into pairs and gives EX:1. SS discuss their ideas together. (PW) T elicits FB from the class -"What are your ideas about Florri's birthday celebration?" T writes it on the board, but doesn't CONFIRM OR REJECT any ideas.

Stage 2: Introduce important vocabulary (6 minutes) • To familiarize SS with the vocab they will see in the text.

T says "Let's talk about some words we will see in the reading today" Open the OHP and elicit, generations, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, long/short term memory, steep, fiercely, iced flowers, nursing home.

Stage 3: Check predictions (5 minutes) • to provide a controlled reading practice for gist

SS will gist read to find the answers from Ex:1. T tells students "You don't have much time, read quickly and only look for the answers." T gives students the text and ICQs. SS check their answers in the same pairs.(PW) T elicits WC WB FB from the class -"Where your ideas/predictions close?" "Did Florrie live a happy life?"

Stage 4: Sequencing topics from text (7 minutes) • To provide a controlled reading practice for specific information

SS practice scan reading to put the topics in the right sequence from the text. T instructs SS to "take the colored paper from their pockets." "Color "A" on this side and "B" on the other." Then gestures the students into pairs. Instruct, "Turn the text face down, please don't look at the paper." "Put the topics in the right order." T gives SS Ex:3 SS read text again and check for the answers with their partner. T elicits WC FB- "Did you put them in the correct order or did you mix any up?"

Stage 5: Read and find correct answer (10 minutes) • To provide specific information reading practice

Students work in the group their sitting in from the split before (Color A's together and Color B's together). T holds up the colored paper and says, "Who has color A and who has color B? Color A is one group and Color B is 1 group." "You can look at the text and answer the questions." T gives Group A Ex: 4 pg.128 and Group B Ex: 4 pg.131. Monitor and help if needed. T gives the answer keys to check their answers.

Stage 6: Test each other's memory from the text (6 minutes) • to provide semi controlled speaking practice

T says ,I need 1A and 1B to sit together, Can you please move." "You have answered many questions today. Now let's see what we can remember. You will take your papers from Ex:4 and ask each other the same questions. T elicits WC WB FB- "Did anyone get all the answers correct."

Stage 7: Personalisation (5 minutes) • to provide freer speaking practice and a personal connection to the TL

SS stay in the same pairs from the previous exercise. T writes " Would you like to live to be 113 years old? Why or why not?" on the WB. Tell SS to "discuss this question with your partner please." T elicits WC FB.

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