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Assessed TP1
Beginner level


In this lesson students will create phrases with the verbs like, have, live, work, study. They will also practice reading for specific details and listening.


Abc face2face Starter, Unit 4A pg 30, ex. 2

Main Aims

  • To present and practice common phrases with like, have; live, work and study.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts practice in reading for specific information.


Warmer (5-6 minutes) • To engage students and set a context

T writes the verbs (like, have, live, work and study) on the board. T asks sts what words can be added, and shows an example of what words can be added to the verbs (children, in a bank, English). T asks sts to think in pairs what other words they can add, and write them down. After 2 minutes T elicits their replies on to the WB.

Vocabulary work (12-15 minutes) • To present collocations with the verbs live/have/work/study

T shows the handout and explains that the Sts should match the phrases in the box to the verbs. T models the exercise by doing the example with letter b ('like dancing'). T divides the sts into pairs and gives out the handout. After the sts are done, T calls out the students one by one and asks them to stick the cards with the words from the exercise to the verbs written on the board. T does error correction, checks understanding (center/company). T points out the difference between 'house' and 'home', and practices pronunciation of WORK, COMPANY, OFFICE, LANGUAGES.

Scan reading and listening (5-5 minutes) • To provide practice in listening and reading for specific information

T hands out the worksheet and sticks the picture of Peru on the board. T demonstrates the picture of Ricardo and elicits his name and where he lives and writes these on the board. ('Who is this? What's his name? Where does he live?'). T writes 'Cecilia, Carlos, Diego' on the WB. T sets the task for listening and reading - excercise 1a and asks the sts to read the text while listening to it. ('Who are Cecilia, Carlos and Diego? Listen and read the text once and just answer these three questions! ') T plays the recording 4.2 T elicits answers on the WB to provide the FB.

Reading (8-10 minutes) • To provide practice in reading for details

T asks Sts to read the text again, and answer questions in ex.2b in pairs. T checks for unknown words (homework, Chinese). One S writes the answers on the board, and the Sts check the answers with the WB.

Filling in the gaps (5-6 minutes) • To review the collocations with verbs live, like, have, study and work

T gives the handout about Ricardo. T asks the Sts to fill in the gaps in the text in pairs. After the Sts are finished, elicit the correct answers for FB.

Extra activity - Writing (5-6 minutes) • To provide practice in using the common phrases and writing

T asks the Sts to write 1 more word for each verb in pairs. T elicits the collocations, and writes the correct ones on the WB.

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