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Receptive skills lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss will practice their receptive skills through reading and listening activities and vocab clarification. the lesson starts with a discussion about how to get to Sultan Ahmet mosque. This will be followed by a pre-teaching task, reading/listening for gist, detail and specific information. The lesson will be wrapped up with a freer activity.


Abc Recording U7B 52. English File, Elementary. CD
Abc Recording U7B 51. English File, Elementary. CD
Abc The taxi journey text, English File, Elementary. Ss book, P 54
Abc Recording U7B 50. English File, Elementary. CD
Abc "The taxi journey" Title of the text

Main Aims

  • For Ss to practice their receptive skills through reading/listening for gist, detail comprehension and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Help Ss practice the vocabulary they will be exposed to in the lesson


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To activate Ss previous knowledge and engage them in the lesson

T will project a picture of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque on the WB. T asks Ss "I want to go to this place, how can I get there?". T will give Ss 4 minutes to share their ideas to help develop their fluency.

Pre-Reading/Listening - Prediction stage (5-7 minutes) • To help Ss to guess and think about the context of the text

T will project the title of the text on the WB. T will make Ss discuss in pairs. T will tell the Ss "We are going to read a text but first take a look at this title here" then asks "What do you think the text is going to be about?". T will ask the Ss to look at the title and discuss with their partners for 2 minutes. T then will make Ss share their ideas with the rest of the class.

Pre teaching vocabulary (7-10 minutes) • To help Ss understand the content of the text by teaching them the blocking vocabulary

T will stick the definitions of the blocking vocab on the walls around the classroom. T will make Ss work in pairs by giving them colored cards to make them work with different partners. T will give each group 5 words. T will ask the Ss to go around the classroom, find the definition for their word, take it and go back to their places. T will ask the each group to stick their words and definitions on 2 separate sides. T will project the answers on the board. T will project the words and make Ss check their answers. Then, ask CCQs "So what does this word mean?" and then do some drilling and PRON.

While-Reading/Listening - Reading and listening for gist (10-12 minutes) • To help Ss do some skimming for gist to have a general understanding of the text

T will do some "chesting" give Ss instructions for the task T will give Ss HO1 (Exercise 1a, page 54) T will give Ss 1 minutes to take a look at the sentences on the exercise. T will then hand the Ss copies of the text on page 54. T will ask the Ss to read, listen and to number the sentences from 1 to 7. Ss work individually. ICQ: "Are we going to work alone or with a friend?" Alone. T will ask Ss to do some peer checking. After that, T will play the second recording and as the Ss listen and check their answers.

While-Reading/Listening - Listening for detail (5-7 minutes) • To check Ss comprehension and understanding of the text through a listening activity

T will Project the comprehension question from exercise 1-C on the WB "Where were they?" T will have Ss listen to the second recording. In pairs, T will ask them to find the answer to the question while listening. If Ss needed a second listening T will play the video one more time. T will give Ss 1 minutes to discuss. Then T will ask the Ss to share their answers with the rest of the group.

While-Reading/Listening - Reading for specific information (5-7 minutes) • To help Ss scan for specific info

T will give Ss HO1 that contains 3 questions, each question with 2 options. T will ask Ss to take another look at the text and circle the correct answer. T will set the time. T will ask Ss to check in pairs. T will provide Ss with the answer key.

Post-Reading/Listening (7-9 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to react to the text and develop their oral fluency.

T will divide Ss into 2 groups, T will give each group pictures and ask them to choose the ones that relate to the text. T will give Ss 3 minutes to discuss. T will Monitor T will make each group show the pictures they chose and explain why.

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