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Celebrity rebels, Reading lesson
Pre-intermediate level


In this reading lesson, the context is "Celebrity rebels". The teacher familiarizes the students with two main stages of reading (scanning and skimming) through PPP, makes them build up their understanding of the text through top-down skills so that their receptive skills were improved.


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Main Aims

  • To give the students practice scanning and skimming techniques as well as reading for the detail in the context of an article about celebrity rebels by using top-down skills.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To develop students' fluency by freer practice.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get students involved and engaged in the topic "Celebrity rebels"

The teacher sticks three pictures of the celebrities taken from the text in one column and draws the pictures of the first letters of the word "rebel" in the second one to make them guess the topic of the lesson. Then the teacher writes two forms of "rebel" on WB (noun and verb) and asks students to fill them in in two sentences written on WB beforehand. e.g. Children naturally_______against their parents. He was________at school.

Reading (15-20 minutes) • To read the text for a gist (scanning) and specific information (skimming)

The teacher hangs near the celebrity pictures three facts about them. The students have to guess and match intuitively. The they scan the text and discuss whether they were right or wrong. Then the students are divided in groups of 3-4 and work with Ex.1 p. 73 in SB. They have to read the article and say whom these sentences concern to. Upon reading the teacher divides the students into two/three groups depending on the number of them and checks the answers. After that the students have to replace the underlined words from Ex. 1 with words from the text. The answers can be checked by playing the game "The sun" (i.e. With every right answer the teacher draws a part to the sun. In the end, it should be a real sun with beams.)

Vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • To enrich vocabulary on this topic

Students work in pairs. The teacher gives a handout with the definitions of some unknown words from the text and asks them to match with an appropriate word or word phrase. Before doing the exercise, the teacher asks the students to fold the handout as it has the answers at the bottom of the page. After doing this activity, the students check with their partners the answers.

Speaking (12-15 minutes) • To use freer practive to improve fluency

The teacher changes the partners. Ex. 3 p. 73, the students work in pairs and discuss the questions. Then they are going to make an interview. The teacher asks the students to look through the text and write 2-3 questions about any celebrity from the text they like. The teacher chooses 3 'victims', gives them a card with a celebrity they are going to be, the rest of the class are reporters. The reporters ask questions and celebrities are going to answer according to the text if they fail, they have to improvise.

Extra activity (2-5 minutes) • to speak by using necessary vocabulary

The teacher assigns three texts among the students and their task is to retell them by dividing the sentences between each other within one group.

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