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New student party
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This is to welcome the new students who have joined WSE.


Abc prizes and presents
Abc certificates
Abc Bingo sheets
Abc quiz and quiz sheets
Abc snacks and drinks
Abc Cake

Main Aims

  • For the students to get to know each other, and to get to know more about Wall Street English.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To make sure the students have a good time and they feel comfortable


Warmer/Lead-in (20-25 minutes) • For the to start talking to other people who are students.

when they come in they are given a sheet and they have to go around the center asking staff and other students the questions on the sheet... What is your name? What's your favourite food? What's your favourite song? They will have until 20 minutes to do this.

Find someone who? (10-13 minutes) • to get the students talking to the othr new students

they will go around with a sheet and they need to find out who has done one of the things. They can only ask the same person a MAX of 2 times The person who asks the most people will win a prize.

WSE Quiz (15-20 minutes) • to test their knowledge of what they know about Wall Street

For them to be in groups of 3 and answer the questions that are asked. the team with the most points wins

Telephone (15-18 minutes) • testing the students speed and listening skills.

put them in 3 groups and explain the layout they will stand in all of them will stand one side of the room apart from 1 of them who will stand the other side of the room they will have the sentence they then need to run from the queued side to the other side and listen to the sentence then the next person will run and it be whispered to them and so on the last person will run listen to the sentence then run back to the whiteboard and write it on there the person who does it first and correct wins that round... we will do it 3 or 5 times to see who win and the winner will get a prize. 1.Wall Street English, the new way to learn English 2.Wall street English started in Italy. 3.There are 3 mini cycles in one lesson 4.There are 7 steps in the learning cycle 5.The cross eyed duck looked at the table.

Hand out certificates (8-10 minutes) • for the students who have dont encounters to be recognised.

David to hand out certificates and to say well done to them students

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