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Typical friends
Elementary level


To introduce and give students practice in present simple.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and give students practice in present simple. Yes/no questions & short answers in the context of typical friends.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give students practice in listening for specific information and semi-controlled speaking for accuracy.


Lead in (10 minutes) • To follow up where my peer teacher left.

Students have just listened to the tape and written down whether the sentences are about Men, women or both. I will ask do you agree or disagree with these statements ? Put a tick or a cross behind each sentence. Afterwards work in pairs and compare your answers. Feedback : ask individually if they agree / disagree and why.

Grammar Practice (10 minutes) • To practice making questions

Hand out material. Instruct them to make questions using do / does. Put one or two examples on the board. While they are making the questions write the sentences on the board. Feedback change the sentences on the board into questions together with the students.

Listening practice (10 minutes) • Easy listening practice exercise directed at the target language

Listen to a man and a woman talking about their friends. Mark the questions (which are also written on the board) with yes or no. Feedback: ask them if the answers should be yes or no and write it on the board. Don't forget to open the tape: it's number 38. Let them listen to it twice if needed.

Grammar practice exercise (10 minutes) • To practice the use of do / does / doesn't

Students have answered the questions with a yes or a no. Now they have to answer the questions in a small sentence using do / does or doesn't. Work in pairs: ask each other the questions and answer themFeedback: ask them the answers and write them on the board.

Grammar practice lesson (10 minutes) • Practicing with making questions + speaking practice .

Handout the material. This exercise will make the topic a bit more personal. Work in pairs. Make questions of the two sentences and each other the questions. Do the example question together. Feedback ask them how the sentences should be and what the answers could be.

Extra time (5 minutes) • Drilling / speaking practice

If time left read the sentences which are still on the board together with the class. Ask them the questions individually' let them answer.

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