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Derya Erkilinc/24 Mar 2014/ Reading and Speaking
Elementary A2 level


In this lesson ss will be focues on their reading and speaking skills by reading two passages and speaking about the passages and implying the information into the tasks/exercises.


Abc CD Recording
Abc New Headway elementary students book
Abc Exercise hand outs

Main Aims

  • To provide tasks and exercises that will measure the ss Reading skills

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide tasks and exercises that will include and develop their speaking,reading skills.


Stage 1( Lead-in ) (5-6 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and play a recording

Play the recording and ask ss to do the exercises and match the verbs with the words and than do a feedback on it.

Stage 2 ( Speaking) (5-6 minutes) • Speaking skills

ss wiill be asked to look at the pictures in the book on pg 26 and write down the aswers for the questions that has been asked in exercise 2, than I will ask some students to read their answer and will do a feedback,

Stage 3 ( Reading, Speaking ) (13-14 minutes) • To work on ss reading and speaking skills

I will ask the students to divide into two groups and the groups will read their own passage that has been provided in the book to them.Once the ss have red their passage I will ask ss to read a part of the passage and listen to their pronounciation there will be cross grouping done give information to eacher about the person they red about and feedback.

Stage 4 ( Reading ) (7-8 minutes) • Reading skills

ss will be working in pairs and doing the exercises that the has provided to them from the book.Comparing and aswering between the two passages.Than there will be feedback done.

Stage 5 ( Speaking ) (5-6 minutes) • Speaking skills

ss will be asked to write few things they like about themselves than will swop their work with their partner and teacher and students will speak about what has the ss writen about themselves.

Stage 6 ( interacting) (5-6 minutes) • Listening and speaking skills

ss will be asked to listen to a recording and the teacher will asked the students if they liked what they have listened and give a reason to their answers and by doing this will work on the ss speaking and listening skills.

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