Tuğba Kaya Tuğba Kaya

Tuğba Kaya, Vocabulary-Speaking
Pre-Intermediate, A2-B1 level


In this lesson, the students practise the meaning, form and pronunciation of vocabulary and practise speaking in the context of types of films. The lesson starts with talking about hobbies to create a context. The students talk about watching films as a hobby in pairs. Then the students work alone and tick the types of films they know on the handouts. In the vocabulary presentation section, the teacher shows one film poster for each type of film and asks the students to guess the word. The teacher employs drilling for each word. The students match the words with the definitions on the handouts. Then the teacher models the stress on one word and the students work on stress on the others. After studying the target vocabulary, the students do a speaking activity where they first practice the meaning and pronunciation of four questions about films and then discuss these questions.


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Main Aims

  • To teach meaning, form and pronunciation of vocabulary related to types of films.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise speaking.


Lead-in (5-10 minutes) • To set a context about films.

T talks about her hobbies briefly and asks the ss about their hobbies. T draws attention to watching films as a hobby. Then, T distributes handouts where the ss find some questions about habit of watching films.T asks the ss to talk about their habit of watching films in pairs. Ss tell the class about their partner’s habit of watching films.

Pre-teaching vocabulary (2 minutes) • To activate the ss’ schemata about types of films.

T distributes the handouts on which the ss see types of films and tick the ones they like. They work alone.

While-teaching vocabulary (10 minutes) • To present the target vocabulary about types of films.

T shows one poster about each type of film on PPT and elicits the words. T applies choral and individual drilling.

While-teaching vocabulary (10 minutes) • To work on word stress.

T models the word stress on a sample word on the board. T distributes handouts that have the target words of which the syllables showed. Ss work in pair and find the stress in the word. T gives feedback through PPT.

While-teaching vocabulary (Checking Understanding) (5 minutes) • To check the ss’ understanding of the meanings of the words .

T distributes the handouts where the ss match the words with the definitions on their own. T gives feedback.

Post-teaching vocabulary (3 minutes) • To teach the meanings and pronunciation of the question patterns for the next speaking activity.

T gives handouts where the ss match 4 questions with the phrases showing what they’re about. They work alone. T gives feedback. The ss listen and repeat the questions.

Post-teaching vocabulary (7 minutes) • To practise speaking.

T gives handouts that have the 4 questions in the previous activity in a chart. The ss work in pairs and talk about these questions. Ss tell the class about their partner’s answer.

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