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Right & Wrong TP4 Thurs 22Aug13
Upper İntermediate B2 level


In this lesson students will be introduced to new vocabulary using listening and class exercises.


Abc Global Upper İntermediate Course, Work, Teacher Book & CD

Main Aims

  • Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary
  • Learn about Malapropisms, Spoonerisms and -isms


Lead İn (5-8 minutes) • Set up lesson context and engage students

Write on WB Semra Ozel.. As we know Sena already spoke about her.. imagine in 1990 she said this and is still remembered for it. What did she do? Write on board...She said the love maker instead of the law maker. Does anyone know what a Dogberryism is? Well İ didn't either,l its a Malapropism.. Yes İ still didn't understand.. Her is an example .. Tayıp Erdoğan in the last election got 46.66% of the electrical votes... oops electoral votes. Michelangelo painted the Sixteenth Chapel - Sistine The fireman had to use the fire distinguisher - extinguisher. What do the mistakes have in common? Yes a wrong word....İts an incorrect word in place of a word with a similar sound. Write on WB Very interesting this one William Archibald Spooner in lived in Oxford in 1800 and he always had the slip of the tongue where he would he would mix up the words or phrases the sounds are mixed up Can you guess these: Will do 1 example and then I will hit the answers with me drawing pics on the board. Know your blows - Blow your nose Keys and Carrots - Peas n Carrots İts roaring with pain - Pouring with rain Wave the sails - Save the Whales Can you guess these ones

Presentation (6-10 minutes) • Listening and Understanding Malapropisms / Spoonerisms

1. Listening Exercise 1.26. Listening to explain Malapropisms / Spoonerisms Listen to 2 ways in which people can get words wrong. Look at the table for the 1st task. You are going to hear a lecture about Mala & Spoon!! Write the words on the WB. Students receive HO to tick the correct boxes for each type of mistake 1-5. Play the recording and fill in the boxes Check the answers in the group. FB then ask students to explain in their own words the difference.

2nd Listening (5-10 minutes) • Listening and Understanding Malapropisms / Spoonerisms

Page 22 Exer 2 1. Tell Ss to listen again to the CD except this time they will have to find out what mistakes people made. For example write on WB... To the best of my ability - to the best of my mobilty. Get Ss to listen to this then stop so they have clear instructions. 2. Ask do they understand and then continue on the CD. A. Civil Servant - Civil Serpent B. Nuclear Power Plant - Nuclear Power Pants C. A pack of Lies - A lack of pies

Comprehension Understanding of New Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • Practice of Understanding new words

Exer 3 1. Students will have 6 sentences where the speaker has said the wrong wrongs. They must write down what they think the speaker wanted to say. 2. Do the 1st example on the WB We're late have you taken shaken a tower yet? taken a shower. 3. Tell students to try and work out on own. 4. Now work in PW to compare answers.

3rd Listening Comprehension (5-10 minutes) • To provide Ss with more detail to deduce and inference listening task.

1. Exer 3 1.27 Tell the students to listen to the recording. İn their groups compare answers to see if they got them right. 2. Play. 3. Ask to compare again 4. Give out Answer Key.

Extend your Vocabulary - ism (5-10 minutes) • To get an overall understanding of -ism

Write on the WB -ism Ask students do they know what this is? Explain that The suffix -ism is used to form words for concepts, conditions and activities. Use 2 different colour pens to highlight -ism Write on the board the 4 explanations. Then have cards with Spoonerism etc written. İ do an example from each category and they try and match up the remainder. 1. Special feature or variety of language ie Spoonerism Americanism 2. A movement, theory or practice ie Buddhism, impressionism 3. A prejudice against a particular group ie Racism, Ageism 4. A state of characteristic ie Bilingualism, Herosim. PW Ask them to work in pairs and think of at least 2 words with -ism and which group will they go in? Give an example Bushism Ask them where would this go... no 1.- its a term used for words or expressions often a bit silly confusing that former GW Bush invented. What kind of -ism is it? no. 1 Other possible answers 1: Anglicism witticism 2: Socialism communism capitalism 3: sexism heightism 4: patriotism despotism hendonism

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