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Beginner level


I will do some simple job vocabulary exercises giving students a chance to practice pronunciation and ask each other everyday questions using the words. As well as revising some of the previously taught language of greetings and saying your names is ...... whats your name? whats her name? whats his name?


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Main Aims

  • My aim is by the end of the lesson the students can comfortably pronounce the target language and be more confident to use it

Subsidiary Aims

  • to not be too nervous and be able to be calm enabling me to go through the lesson at a moderate pace


Warm up (5-7 minutes) • to revise some previous language and our names

I tell students my name and ask theirs and ask ''whats his/her name? pointing to another student

eliciting words (11-16 minutes) • to introduce target words and give the Sts a chance to learn how to pronounce them

I draw a doctor and they tell me the word then for the other jobs I hold up pictures to elicit the words from them and drill the words as a class (I may have to check they understand paramedic) then I write words on the WB showing the stress of the 1st one they come to the front and write the stress on the rest then I drill the words again as a class and choose a strong Sts to say on their own

matching task (7-9 minutes) • to give Sts a chance to see listen to the words in context

I hold up the handout to the class and demonstrate the matching task by doing one of them and then give Sts handout and they complete in pairs in 4/5 mins then get Sts to to tell me the answers and write them on the board on the board 3/4mins

using vocab (12-15 minutes) • to get the students to use the voaculary

I say '' I'm a teacher, what's your job? '' and go round the class asking their jobs and show on board a/an rule actor a teacher then the students do a mingle activity walking round asking each other whats your job? then they sit down and I select a couple of strong Sts to ask someone whats your job? and demonstrate in from of the class

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