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Talking About The Past
Elementary level


In this lesson, students will learn the grammar required for speaking about the past. There will be some introduction of irregular verbs that go along with the context.


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Main Aims

  • To introduce the past simple positive in the context of technology of the past.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To get students to use the presented vocabulary in a controlled speaking exercise.


Lead In (3-5 minutes) • To Give Students a Basic Intro to Lesson

T will write "use" on the board. T will give the example of the present "I often use a laptop". T will say / write "Yesterday I". T will elicit answer, presenting "used" if necessary. T will then write "Go" on the board, repeating elicitation, for form "went". T will emphasize that "used" is regular and "go/went" is irregular.

Whiteboard Lesson on Irregular Verbs (10-12 minutes) • To familiarize ss with regular and irregular words

T will add on to words introduced in the lead in. T will first write out the line of regular verbs, eliciting answers on their endings. T will practice pronunciation as Ss follow along, emphasizing difference between /t/ and /id/ endings. T will move on to the second row, focused on irregular verbs. T will again do pronunciation work. T will elicit and write answers on the WB. T will play audio 1.45 for students to check answers.

Handout Pair Work (6-8 minutes) • To get Ss working and thinking about irregular verbs.

T will demonstrate on WB how handout activity will work. T writes on the top "want, cost, meet, buy" and then below: "Yesterday, Andrew took 2 lira and ________ bread." Demonstrates for class. T groups Ss into pairs. T hands out worksheets.

Past Simple Word Maze (15-18 minutes) • To have Ss Actively Use Past Verbs in an Interactive Drill

T mixes up students into groups of 4. T shows handout 4A on the projector to the class. T demonstrates filling in the empty spaces. T demonstrates how the game works. T hands out the pages and lets the students fill them in. T waits for Ss to finish writing, and then begins the game, monitoring each table. Optional - When a table finishes, have them go in reverse.

OPTIONAL - Writing About Yourself in the Past (5-10 minutes) • To further reinforce Ss use of present simple verbs through writing drill

Ss will write a page about themselves using past simple vocabulary. Optional - Have Ss stand and mix, reading their dialogue to other classmates.

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