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11.20.14 Grammar: Kill your TV ... -ed/-ing
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson sts will answer questions about TV watching habits, they will complete a reading on the topic and review their previous answers making corrections. They will discuss TV habits in in groups . Sts will be introduced to meaning of grammar/pronunciation of -ed/-ing suffixes. In pairs sts will re-read the article looking for ed/ing adjectives, and how they are employed. Sts will listen to an audio to hear pronunciation of said -words. Sts will choose ed/ing ending to complete sentences and ask partner questions and report to the class their findings.


Main Aims

  • The main aim of the class is to clearly communitate the grammar of -ed/-ing adjectives

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub-aim is reading


Intro, activity 4c#6 (6-10 minutes) • Reading for information

6a, pre-teach 'murder', have sts. find a partner and do questions 1-5, have sts flip over HO and read the article 'Kill Your TV' 6b. review the answers

Exercise 7- Discussion (8-10 minutes) • Discussion and monitoring of TV issue

make groups of four, have them discuss questions in ex. 7 have them share interesting answers

-ed/-ing endings on adjectives, exercise 8 and 9 (7-10 minutes) • have sts differentiate -ed/-ing endings

ex 8, elicit ing forms of adjectives,check to see if sts understand excited/worried/ surprised/ frightened /tired write on the board 'worried=>worrying go over rules on hand out- person a is bored b/c they are talking to B, a boring person, or his conversation is boring.. C is interested in D's interesting discussion (D is the on e talking (mouth open)... ex 9. have sts find the -ed/-ing words in the article listen to the audio tracks... drill chorally

Exercise 10 (10-15 minutes) • To break sts. up into pairs and have them employ TL

Please refer to ex. 10, and complete section a on your own. Project questions on the WB, give them 4 minutes to work on it individually, go over the answers, then have them pair up and practice using the TL asking each other the questions and having them take notes on the answers. 10c, Have sts share what they learned about each others' TV viewing habits.

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