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Beginner level


In this lesson, Sts will learn about countries and nationalities. Map/another visual aid will be used to help learners identify countries and nationalities. Sts will be practicing the pronunciation of country names. Sts will do a gap fill to highlight target language in dialogue. Sts will practice speaking in mingle activity.


Abc Your world workbook
Abc Student Book
Abc flags handout
Abc Activity TB p139
Abc where's he from?
Abc gap fill handout
Abc Turkey map
Abc Imaginary name and country handout

Main Aims

  • To provide Ss clarification and practice of asking about and expressing the nationality of person/people (where are you from?I'm from)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of country names and their stress patterns.
  • introduce he/she her/his


Lead-in: (3-5 minutes) • To get student engaged in the topic

T greets Sts and asks Sts whether they remember her name. Then T tries to remember their names and introduces Ss to each other. Then T introduces the new phrase ( I'm from Libya and writes the phrase on the board.

Vocabulary Practice (5-8 minutes) • To familiarse Sts with country names

T: Gives Sts flags HO that has the national flag of each country on it, the HO will be showen on the projector as well. Ss: writes the name of the country under its flag in pairs . Each pair then comes to the board and write the names of the countries under the flags . T: shows a world map on WB and ask the Sts " what's this in English?" 2. T asks the students to look at their Wk HOs and match the pictures on page 10 with the countries. Sts check their answer in groups of 4 . T: Checks and monitors the students.

Pronunciation Practice (5-7 minutes) • To provide sts with the correct pronunciation of country names

T plays the recordings and have learners listen to the country names to practice pronunciation (2.1). T shows the word stress in Brazil- then underlines the stressed syllable in Brazil on the board. Then T writes the rest of mentioned countries on the WB and drills the country names with students chorally and individually to check if they will pronounce them correctly if not T marks the stress on the WB.

Listening for Specific Information (5-7 minutes) • To get sts to find out specific information while listening to a short dialogue

T gives Sts fill gap handouts. Before playing the recordings, T gives Sts a minute to familiarize themselves with the gap fill hand outs. T gives instructions on how to fill the gaps on the first sentence T plays the recording 2.2. Sts listen and fill the gaps (individually). T give instruction to Sts to compare answers in pairs. T drills the sentences with the whole class.

Pronunciation Practice (5-7 minutes) • To familiarze Sts with Her/she's and His/he's

T Focus attention of Sts on the photos of Pablo and Mika .T Points to the sentences and ask Sts to read and listen. Play the recording ( Listening track 2.3) through once.Play the recording again and get the Sts to repeat. T Encourages the Sts to reproduce the long and short sounds in 'his and he's'. T writes the sentence about Pablo on the WB circle his and he's .Repeat . His name is Pablo . He's from Spain. Then T models the sentence on another male class member. His name is .... . He's from Turkey. Then contrast with female student: But her name is .... . She's from Turkey . T writes up the sentence about Mika and circle Her and She's . Elicit more examples from the class to consolidate. T drills with the whole class.

Controlled Practice (5 minutes) • To provide sts with a controlled practice of target language

T review the exchanges 'what's your name ?' My name is .... where re you from? I'm from..... T gives Sts cards from Teacher’s Book, pg. 139. T tells Sts that this is their name and country. T ask Sts to stand up and go around the class asking and answering questions in mingle activity. T tells Sts they must try to remember every one's new name and country. when Sts are finished. T Monitors. T points to various Sts and ask the class what's her / his name? where is s/he from? T checks if the Sts remember asking is that right ? and have them answer yes/no. T provides feedback and error correction as a whole class

Semi-Controlled Practice (6 minutes) • To provide sts with oral practice of Target language to reinforce the use of form and pron

T asks : Is Istanbul a city or a country? (City). T presents learners a map of Turkey so they may identify different Turkish cities to personalize dialogue. In pairs, learners will be asked to create a chart about 4 imaginary people: include their names and where they are from within Turkey. learners are asked mingle to practice the dialogue

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