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Grammar & Vocabulary
Upper Intermediate Level , B2 level


In this lesson, SS improve the functional language through of quantifiers and their relation with countable and uncountable nouns. Ss will begin with a test as I will follow TTT strategy because the ss had that functional language before and they are familiar with it. The lesson also deals with the countable and uncountable nouns.


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Main Aims

  • To test and revise the students knowledge of quantifiers and their relation with countable and uncountable nouns and to provide clarification and practice for the ss to recognize the meaning in the TL as well as about using the quantifiers Form.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information and detailed about countable and uncountable nouns which mainly related to the main aim of the lesson which is quantifiers.


Lead-in/Test (8-10 minutes) • To Find out what the students already remember about TL which is quantifiers.

- A test will be handed out to the ss to start with at the beginning of the lesson in a limited time , around 10 minutes. Nothing will be done in the Lead-in stage except the Test then the next stage will start .

Teach (17-20 minutes) • To provide the ss with clear clarification concerning the quantifiers and their relation with countable and uncountable nouns

- T Checks the answers with the ss and starts discussion with them in order to identify what they already remember and know and what their needs are in the lesson concerning quantifiers and countable and uncountable nouns. - T shows the Test on the board using the projector and starts eliciting the answer from the ss orally or asks some of them to write the answers on the board then T begins clarifying the questions and correcting the errors. - After clarifying the errors and correcting them, T writes on the board the marker sentences according to their errors in addition to the following sentences. - I have got plenty of books to read. - I have got plenty of paper to write on. - I have got a great deal of money to start my business. - First I will clarify to the ss the meaning of the quantifiers. Then, I will clarify the form and the structure of the sentences. Finally, the stressed words will be done with the ss. - Put ss into pairs and ask them to complete the missing parts in exercise " Food Facts" after listening to the recording using the quantifiers. They will start the activity individually then they check together their answers after that T makes FB. - Group ss to do the analysis task and then checking with T. - Ss start pair work activity of forming sentences for three minutes then they will be checked on the board as I will select one student from every pair to write a sample sentence on the board. - Ss start to read the analysis given and they will be referred to p. 151 to get more information about the differences in meaning between quantifiers.

Test (5-8 minutes) • To provide ss with a controlled practice as a test .

- Ss are given Practice 2 as a test to assess wht the ss have already learned. - Oral FB with the whole class.

Semi Free Practice (5-7 minutes) • To provide the students with accuracy practice through writing about themselves.

- Ss start a free practice ( practice 1 ) to write about themselves using the words given and the quantifiers. The ss start at first individually then the check together in pairs after that they will stand up and discuss what they have done with the other pairs.

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