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Elementary(A1-A2) level


Students will practice some adjectives to describe status and feelings, imperatives and the suggestion phrase (let's) by listening to a family traveling by car.I'll start with showing them some photos as a warm up and also as an evaluation of their word knowledge.I'll teach the keywords and the language will be used in listening and speaking activities.


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Main Aims

  • Some adjectives to describe status and feelings e.g.hungry,thirsty,etc, imperatives and the suggestion phrase (let's) will be practiced during the listening part.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Pronunciation is the subsidiary aim to help students to understand native speakers.


Engagement (0-2 minutes) • convey

I give them some hand-outs and ask them what do they think about each photo and how do the people in the photos feel.I write their answers shortly on the board.

Study (3-5 minutes) • Eliciting

I ask them to put the pictures in order in pairs.I want them to give me their reason.

Study • ICQ

Should you put them in order on your own? No

Study (6-7 minutes) • Vocabulary(key words)

Teach the words "slow down" and "service station"

Study (8-9 minutes) • Drilling

I want them to repeat the words together and individually.

Activation (10-13 minutes) • Listening,Comprehension

I play the audio for them so they check their answers or write the true answers.then they compare their answers in pairs and finally check them with the class.

Activation (14-18 minutes) • Listening,Comprehension

give instruction of the new task . they read true and false sentences .I elicit any words the don't know and then they listen again and write T(true) and F(false) and also correct the false sentences.Finally they compare their answers in pairs.Check with the class.

Activation (19-20 minutes) • ICQ

Should you correct the false sentences? Yes Will you compare your answers when you're finished?Yes

Activation (21-23 minutes) • Listening,Comprehension

If it's needed I'll play the audio again or just part of it.

Activation (24-30 minutes) • Speaking

I want them to think about a memory they have when they traveled by car.Talk about their experience and how they felt in pairs.At the end I'll collect feedback.

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