Copy of Lesson 3
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson students will be introduced to adjectives with prepositions. They will learn how to use the adjectives with their correct prepositions. Students will learn a list of some of the most common prepositions, as well as being introduced to new vocabulary. First, I will introduce them to the context (target language). I will do this by showing them on the w/b the grammar structure of adjectives with prepositions. I will group the students into 5 groups. I will then give them instructions that they will be given definitions and asked to match them to the vocabulary words. I will then pass out an answer key and take any questions. I will follow this exercise by introducing the propositions that go with the new vocabulary words by giving them exercise 1. Following exercise 1 and after FB, I will write three questions on the board and my answers. This will lead me into my speaking exercise. I will ask the students to write, on a blank sheet of paper, 3 sentences about themselves, making sure they do not write their name on their papers. I will collect their papers, mix them up, then hand them back out. Then they will be asked to find the person who wrote those sentences using the language structure I used, making sure I am using ICQ's. To conclude the lesson I will split the class into two groups and play the backs to the board game. I will have one student from each group come and sit facing the class while putting an adjective with its preposition on the board, and the student in the chair will have to guess the word. The first team to three will win.


Abc Vocab Matching Ex. 1
Abc Vocab Matching Ex. 1 and Adjectives with preposition Ex. 1 Answer Key
Abc Exercise 1 Adjectives with prepositions
Abc Questions for speaking Assn.
Abc Vocab Matching Ex. 1

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of language focus with new vocabulary in the context of adjectives with prepositions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a interview setting in the context of the adjectives with prepositions


Lead In (5-10) (5-10 minutes) • To get students familiar with the context of the target language

I will show them the correct form of adjectives with the prepositions. I will put up examples on the w/b. I will give them examples of how to use adjectives with the most commonly used prepositions.

Exposure (5-10 minutes) • So the students become familiar with the adjectives and their meanings

I will group the students into 4 or 5 groups depending on the number of students. I will then pass out two different sets of cards. One with the vocabulary, and one with the meanings. Then, I will ask the groups to match the meanings with the vocabulary so they become familiar with the adjectives, and understand the meanings before learning when to use the prepositions. Students will be given 3-4 minutes to match the meanings. Then I will pass out the answer key, so students are able to check and see if they matched the vocabulary with their meanings correctly.

Preposition introduction (5-8 minutes) • To have the students pair the correct prepositions with the given adjectives

I will introduce the students to the most common list of prepositions, and how they are used in a sentence with the adjectives given. I will then hand out exercise 1 to the students and ask them that they complete the activity individually, then do a peer check once completed. After monitoring the students and recognizing that the students have completed, I will have w/c FB, and go over the answers as a class.

Speaking and Writing practice (5-10 minutes) • To give students practice in speaking for accuracy.

I will write three questions and three sentences on the board answering my own questions. 1. What are you familiar with? 2. What do you intend on doing? 3. What are you devoted to? 1. I am very familiar with Turkish culture. 2. I intend on staying in Turkey after my course. 3. I am devoted to the course for five weeks. Then I will hand out a list of possible questions, and on the back ask the students to write three sentences about themselves according to those questions, making sure the students do not write their name on the pieces of paper, I will collect the papers, mix them up, then hand them back out and tell the students they must find their peer who wrote those three sentences. Students will be asked to find the peer by using the question structure provided.

Freer Activity (5-10 minutes) • To give students more practice in identifying the correct prepositions for the adjectives.

If there is time left, we will play the backs to the board game. I will split the students into two groups. I will have one person from each group come and sit in the chair facing their group. I will put an adjective+preposition on the board and the groups will have to elicit them to their fellow peer in the chair. The first group with three points will win. This activity will provide students with reinforcement of what they learned through the lesson and they will hopefully be able to remember what they learned in the lesson and elicit among themselves as well.

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