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Teaching Practice 3
Elementary level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, practice and review of present simple and present continuous tenses in the context of a day out in London.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for specific information and speaking for accuracy and fluency


Lead-In (5 minutes) • To introduce the lesson and get students interested in the topic.

Ask Ss to work in their groups and answer the question "What can you do in London when the Sun is shining?" Make it clear that this is a link to the material they have just read in the previous lesson and they should use that to give them their answers Write answers from Ss on the WB and try to elicit "Parliament Hill" "What can you see from the top of Parliament Hill?" Ss have read the text and should answer "St Paul's Cathedral" and "London Eye" As soon as "London Eye' has been elicited, T brings up a picture of the attraction on the WB.

Stage 2 (Exposure) (5 minutes) • Expose Ss to the target langauge through a listening exercise. Ss will be listening for specific information.

Inform Ss that Jack and his girlfriend Ingrid are on the London Eye Chest Handout 1 Tell then that they are going to listen to a conversation between Jack and Ingrid and they should tick the sights that they see. Point to handout to show where the tick boxes are. Distribute Handout 1 then play the tape While recording is playing, T brings up Handout 1 on the OHP Once it has finished, Ss quickly peer-check with their group, then one S will come to the WB to fill in their answers.

Stage 3 (Highlighting) (6 minutes) • To find out what Ss already know about the present simple and present continuous by presenting them with a gap-fill task.

Instruct Ss to turn over Handout 1 Inform them that they are looking at the dialogue they have just listened to but there are gaps in the text Ss work in groups to fill in the gaps While they are doing this T will scroll down on the OHP to reveal the text Ss are reading Once Ss have finished, T picks four of them, gives them a pen each and instructs them to write their answers on the board. This will be the answer key T can elicit any necessary corrections from Ss

Stage 4 (Clarification: Meaning) (5 minutes) • To present students with a guided discovery activity in order to to engage them with the meaning of the TL

T will chest a drawing of a chart along with some cards with sentences written on them T explains to students that there are two timelines on this chart Ss should work in groups to identify the correct tense and write it underneath each timeline Ss must then match the sentences to the correct timeline T will then distribute one chart and one set of sentences to each group and Ss begin the task For FB, Ss will be given one answer key each Encourage Ss to check their answers using this key

Stage 5 (Clarification: Form) (5 minutes) • To continue guided discovery as students engage with the form of the TL through a gap fill.

T informs Ss to turn over their answer key HO There is a gap-fill task on the back Tell Ss to work in their groups and complete the gap-fill task. It is about the meaning and form of the present simple and present continuous. T will monitor to see if Ss grasp the meaning of the TL Make note of errors If mistakes are common, T can use example sentences from the previous task to elicit timelines from Ss in order to clarify up meaning FB - T will round off the task by putting an answer key on the board for Ss to check

Stage 6 (Clarification: Pronunciation) (4 minutes) • Ss will be drilled in the target language in order to clarify pronunciation

T will write one sentence from HO1 on the WB "Oh no, it's starting to rain" T will: - drill this sentence using choral drilling and backchaining - highlight the contracted form 'it's' - mark the stress on the words 'oh no', 'starting' and 'rain' - T will then highlight connected words (it's-starting and to-rain) If necessary, T can elicit both a negative and question form "It isn't raining anymore" "Is it raining at the moment?" T will then drill pronunciation in the same way as for the affirmative form

Stage 7 (Controlled Practice) (5 minutes) • To give students practice distinguishing between present simple and present continuous (TL) through a controlled exercise

Chest HO3 Tell Ss they are going to practice forming the present simple and present continuous themselves Working in pairs, Ss will put the verbs in brackets in either the present simple or present continuous Distribute HO3 While Ss complete gap-fill, T will bring up the text (with gaps not filled) on the OHP Ss will be encouraged to check their answers with the rest of their group T picks 5 Ss, gives each a pen and instructs them to write their answer on the WB Confusion can be cleared up by eliciting corrections from Ss and referring back to the timelines again if necessary The WB will act as an answer key for this exercise

Stage 8 (Semi-Controlled Practice) (10 minutes) • To give Ss semi-controlled practice in producing the TL for themselves through an information-gap speaking exercise.

Divide Ss into pairs. Ensure their chairs are facing each other. T chests two different coloured HOs Elicits from the Ss that they are different because they contain different information Possible eliciting question: "why are these handouts different colours?" Tell Ss that they need to ask questions to their partner to find the missing information in their HO Model the first question with another student "What does Mark usually do on Friday evenings?" "He plays football" T will nod in interest and mime writing the answer down Stress that Ss mustn't show their HOs to each other T will distribute one yellow and one green HO to each pair and the exercise will begin T will monitor, making notes of common mistakes and ensuring that instructions are being followed FB - Ask individual Ss with yellow cards to reveal what they found out from their partner then do the same with those who have green cards Delayed error correction - write down incorrect mistakes on WB and elicit corrections from Ss

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