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In this class students will learn and review some vocabularies related to family member. the lesson starts with a game in order to break the ice in the first session. They will read a short reading about the Wanda's family and finally they are going to draw a mind map about their families.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of family lexis in the context of family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text about family relationship in the context of family


lead in (10-15 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Teacher will write some information about her self students will ask question in their team about the answers on the board. they will acquire a point for T answer. 1- 2 2- 166 3- 2 years 4- 1 5- yes I am 6- chocolate 7- 7 years 8- Turkey, Mashhad, Ghichan 9- English 10- teacher, translator 11- yes i like 12- movie, bike, coffeeshop instruction: stay in two group.choose a name for your group. choose a number and ask me a question for this answer. if the question is T you will get a score for your group. ICQ; each group should ask how many questions? 1 the questions should match with the answer or not? yes it should match. will you get a score if the answer is false? no students will do the same in group of 3. they will change their seats and do the game again. Teacher will explain about the class rules and course and supplementary books. Lead In: ss will talk about these questions in groups then after 4 min they should change their seats and report to other group. elicit some answers. ICQ: talk in pair or group? group? group. do u live with ur family? do u have a nuclear family or extended family? do u have a roommate? are u single or married? what does ur wife/husband do? do u work? what is ur job? who are ur colleagues? who is ur best friend?

Presentation (5-10 minutes) • To present and review students the family vocabulary

students in pair write a list for family words. talk in pair are they male or female. Teacher will stick the pic on the board. the pictures are mom, dad . step mam, step father, colleage, nephew, ex husband, cousin (2) flatmate, acquaintance , my self. tell the students to guess the relationship between me and them. talk in group of 3 one min meaning, CCQs: is she your real mom? ( no) did she get married with my father? ( yes) nephew/ male or female? ( male) is he my son or my sister's son? ( my sister or brother's son. /ˈnefjuː/ ex husband: do i still live with him? no did we get married in the past? yes are we good now? probably not flatmate: do we live in a same house? yes are we a family? no /ˈflætmeɪt/ do we share things for example kitchen? yes do we pay for electricity and gas both? yes colleague: do we work together in the same place? yes do we live together? no do we have the same job? yes acquaintance: do i know him? yes /əˈkweɪntəns/ are we close friend? no elicit some examples from ss. ex: i have 2 nephew and u? students will read the form and phonetic form on the board . they will repeat chorally and individually

presentation (5-7 minutes) • To present and review students the family vocabulary

Teacher will stick the Wanda's family pic on the board. students will talk and guess the relationship in pair. 1 min students read and name the people on the pictures. give students marker to come on the board and write their names next to the pictures. read again in pair and talk about their relationships. elicit one or two example. instruction: 1- in pair talk what is their relationship? 2- name them alone. 1 min. check in pair. 3- talk about their relationships. modeling in group. ICQ: in pair or group? about me or Wanda?

controlled and freer practice (10-15 minutes) • to review vocab, work on accuracy and fluency

students will talk in pair or group about the relationships they are in. group ICQ: talk about my relationship and the people in my life or urs? urs. ex: i have a cousin they are twin and 28 years old. 3 min. freer practice: raw their mind map of people in their life. pair mingle. they will talk about their mind map and then they will swap when the T says change. feedback, error correction

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