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Beginner level


In this lesson, ss continue practicing words about introducing oneself and learn counting the numbers 1-10. First, they look the numbers stickers on the board and say the number. Second, they listen to number chant. Third, teacher demonstrates a simple conversation about asking someones age with puppets or fingers, plays the track about it and ss repeat. Finally, they do the activity book activities.


Abc Pupil's book page 5, Audio Tracks 1:05-1:07, Number cards, Hand or finger puppets
Abc Optional: A ball, half a4 paper.

Main Aims

  • To enable ss count the numbers between 1 and 10.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice on speaking on daily conversations; asking someone's age and responding and listening.


Warm Up (3 minutes)

Teacher counts to ten by showing with fingers and ss repeat. for a couple of times. T. groups the ss into various numbers and asks how many? Ss say the number of children in each group.

Controlled Activity (5 minutes)

T. sticks the number cars on the board, point to each one of them one by one and elicits the numbers from the ss. T. plays Audio Track 1:05. Ss listen and point to the numbes on the page. T. pauses the recording after some of the numbers and ss show the number with fingers.

Controlled Activity (2 minutes)

T. plays Audio Track 1:06, ss listen and chant together.

Semi-Controlled Activity (10 minutes)

T. uses hand or finger puppets to practise a simple conversation about introducing oneself and asking someone's age & responding. T. plays Audio Track 1:07, shows the characters on the page as they come up. T. plays the recording again and pausing after each sentence and lets ss to repeat. Optional: Ss stand in a large circle, T. throws a ball to a student and introduces herself, asks the student's name, the student answers and throws the ball to someone else.

Controlled Activity (10 minutes)

Activity book page 2 is done.

Free Activity (10 minutes)

Ss draw a self portrait. They draw the number representing their age on given half a4 paper or draw a cake with the correct number of candles. They share their drawings with a partner and describe them.

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