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compound words
Elementary level


In this session students will learn some compound words which are made with (noun+noun) or (verb+noun).


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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening and speaking


Lead in (1 minutes) • By the end of this part students will know that they are going to know about Izmir

teacher presents the map and shows

Presentation (2-10 minutes) • to elicit the vocabulary that they should learn in this session

Teacher shows some places on the map and gives students handouts and asks them to match the words with the places that they think is right. Teacher does not ask them to read, because it is not that practice part. Students can do this activity all together and it does not need any clarification. It is presumed that they can match all the words with the pictures but in case they did not ( plan B) teacher will show them the picture by the end of the present part and asks them what their mistakes where in the first part. Then teacher shows them the pictures out of the map to work on the pronunciation and form of the language.

practice (11-15 minutes) • To get students to use the taught vocabulary in the sentence

Students will be given folded handouts and will be asked to fill in the blanks with the provided vocabulary. They will be given feedback on the board.

produce (16-20 minutes) • To get students to use the vocabulary they have just learned

They will be give handouts on which there is a picture of each place they learned. They will be divided in two groups so group a describes what s/he can do in that place and the B says what place it is. They will change their pair and their paper so every one will practice asking and answering. This is done if my students still have problem with understanding the target language.

Listening (21-25 minutes) • To activate the listening ability of the students to figure out the vocabulary

Students will be told to unfold their handouts so they will have the blanks that they will then write the compound word they hear in the write place. They will listen to the listening individually and then they will be asked to check their answers with their partner and they will be given the answer keys.

presentation 2 (26-35 minutes) • To familiarize students with the vocabulary that are related to what someone does

They will be shown a picture of one of they class mates and will be asked what he can do. They will then be given handouts to match to the activities they can see on the board. Then the pictures will be shown individually so students can have a drill and know the form and meaning of the vocabulary.

practice 2 (36-40 minutes) • To get students to practice the vocabulary they have just learned in the class

Students will be given handouts that are different in the matter of abilities. The person displayed on the paper has some abilities that the person of the partner does not have and vice versa. Students are asked to talk together to find out the differences in the two pictures. Then they will be asked to check the difference with their pair and finally to report to the class.

Production (40-45 minutes) • To get students to use target language

Students will be shown a picture on the board that there is a sentence on it that asks what can your partner do. Students will use the target vocabulary to find out what their partner does.

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