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Teaching Practice 1
Intermediate level


In this lesson, students will learn different applications of clauses in sentences, write examples of their own and then, in groups, write a book review. Reading each other's examples of clauses and book reviews students discuss whether they would, based on what was written, like to read that book.


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Main Aims

  • To give practice in writing a book review

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review relative clauses and give practice in modifying adverbs and strong adjectives.


Warmer (5 minutes) • To introduce concept of clauses

5-6 examples of broken sentences using relative clauses with the word 'which' should be on the board. In pairs get the students to figure out which broken sentence goes with another. After 4 minutes gather feedback.

Intro to clauses 2 (10 minutes) • To introduce different applications of clauses and to practice reading them in texts

Elicit from the students that in the Warmer the clauses used were only to add extra information. Show examples of clauses that add opinion. Write an example on the board that demonstrates the difference between a sentence clause that adds extra information and a sentence clause that says what the writer thinks or feels. Get feedback from the students, make sure they understand what the differences in meaning are. Direct students attention to the book reviews on page 12. They should have already read the book reviews so just let them know that Exercise 5 is about the reviews and get them to answer the questions in the same pairs as before. Get FB for Exercise 5 questions. Correct where necessary.

Writing Clauses (12 minutes) • To get students writing their own clauses in sentences

Demonstrate the next activity by writing an example on the board or by vocalising a sentence featuring a relative clause. Do CCQ's using different colour whiteboard pens to highlight the information learnt in the previous exercise. i.e "where should the comma be? is it information or opinion?, etc" Get the students to do Exercise 6 on their own, and when it appears that everyone has written 4 sentences, get them to ask each other whether they would like to read the book their sentences are about. Get FB from Ss to so they can share with the class what they have written, try to make it fun, pretend to agree or disagree with them.

Writing a Book review (18 minutes) • To practice writing in a particular format, and to practice using clauses.

Pick an book review from the handout for Ss to study. Ask students what can typically be found in a book review. Discuss as WC and get FB to make sure they understand what to expect. Group students up in 2/3's. Get them to think of a book that they know and ask them to write a book review on a piece of A5 paper in the same vein as exampled in the handout worksheet. Make sure one person is a scribe, the others should contribute. Ask them to think about how many stars out of five they would give that book. After groups have finished gather class and stick their reviews on the board; let Ss read each other's reviews. As WC we discuss whether or not we would like to read that book based on the review given. We can guess how many stars the books have.

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