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A2 level


In this lesson students are going to practice saying times and prices through some follow-up activities presented in teacher's book and at the end of the student's book.


Abc Game hand outs
Abc Materials used for speaking activity
Abc Materials used for speaking activity
Abc price cards

Main Aims

  • Have the students get some hands-on practice regarding time and price

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking and listening in a daily conversation and in a real-like context


Warm-up activity (6-8 minutes) • Preparing students for the game

As a first step to warm the students up some questions for time and price will be asked by the teacher,following the activity price cards will be shown to students the aim is to show different currency symbols to students and teach them their correct pronunciation.

"Hear-Say" Game (16-20 minutes) • To help students learn the target language

Since the game needs a good job from the instructions point of view, after giving the introduction to the game,the teacher will pass out the game hand-outs and ask them to listen carefully,meanwhile larger copies of game hand-outs will be on the board and three students will be asked to come to the board to help describe the game.Then the game will be played and the teacher will walk around the class and take notes from any possible inaccuracies.

"Going to the Cinema" (14-18 minutes) • To help the students use the language patterns they have already learnt in a social context

The task and the students' roles will be introduced briefly.They students will be presented about the activity by some further descriptions after the hand-outs are distributed.For the students who couldn't follow individual attention will be given.After monitoring and taking notes,a whole class feedback will be presented and the teacher will ask about the film they prefered.

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