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Teaching Practice 2
Beginner level


In this lesson, Ss will learn the negative form of first person and third person pronouns which are "I" and "They" through listening and grammar activities. To check their learning, a speaking activitiy will be implemented at the end of the lesson.


Abc New Headway 4th Edition Beginner, Oxford University Press Unit 3, pg.20
Abc New Headway 4th Edition Workbook, Oxford University Press Unit 3, Page 18
Abc Recording 3.6
Abc Visuals from Google Images
Abc Recording 3.7

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of negative form of pronouns "I" and "They" through listening and grammar activities in the context of Jobs and Countries

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening for gist and specific information


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to introduce vocabulary used in Listening 3.7

T hangs the picture of the "Metro 5" on the WB and asks Ss "Who are they?" "Are they doctors?" "Are they builders?" "Is he a student?" to elicit the word "band". After that T asks some questions such as "Is he a guitarist?" while targeting the members to elicit the word "singer"

Listen for Gist (5-7 minutes) • to practice listening skills through gists

T gives intructions by saying "Listen and tell me who they are" and plays the Listening 3.6 to verify the prediction from lead in. After the listening T asks "who are they?" and provides WCFB. Later T hangs a few pictures of bands on the WB to assure the meaning of the word "band" is comprehended.

Listening for Specific Information (7-10 minutes) • to practice listening skills through listening for information

T shows what to do by saying "Fill in the blanks" and gives handouts to Ss and expects Ss to do exercise 2. After that T plays Listening 3.6 again. Then, T wants Ss check their answers in pairs and provides WCFB.

Exposure (7-10 minutes) • to practice Ss' comprehension skills through questions

T gives instructions by saying "Now please answer these questions like 'Yes they are' or 'No they aren't'." and waits for 4 minutes. While Ss are doing the exercise, T monitors Ss. If T finds it necessary, he plays the recording again. After Ss finish doing the exercise, T wants them to check their answers in pairs and plays Listening 3.7 for Ss to check their answers.

Controlled Practice (7-10 minutes) • to control Ss' knowledge about TL

T chests the HOs and gives the instruction by saying "Please do the exercise 7" and reads the example 1. While reading the example 1, T emphasize missing auxiliary verbs to show Ss what they're supposed to do.Then T gives the HOs to Ss and waits for 5 minutes. After that T wants Ss to check answers in pairs and provides WCFB on the WB with all Ss.

Semi-Controlled Practice (10-12 minutes) • To check Ss' knowledge through questions

T wants Ss to prepare a two-sided card.T wants Ss to write a job and a country on one of the sides and on the other side of the paper T wants them to write only the initial letters of the jobs and countries they have written the first side. After that T wants Ss to hide the side which has the full versions of jobs and countries. Later T wants Ss to work in pairs and finds out their partners country job by asking "Are you from Ireland?" "Are you a nurse?". T gives instructions by demonstrating the activity himself.

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