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Listening Demo1
junior level


Demonstration of a full teaching of a Receptive Skill based on ESL.


Abc Family and Friends 3

Main Aims

  • To understand the conversation and learn some seasports and reproduce a new one based on the sample.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Teaching vocabulary and structures of the conversation and activating them


Engagement (3-5 minutes) • To get the students ready for listening and giving them a sense of the general story.

-Teacher building up the students and asks them to say their opinion about seasports in an open class activity. (2min). -Teacher shows a video of some seasports and leads in the students.(2min).

Study (10-12 minutes) • To listen to the conversation and understand the concept and details of the conversation.

-The teacher focuses on the flashcards, eliciting and unblocking the blocking words. MECDIBLE(Beach//safe //dengrous).(4 min) -The teacher tells the students to listen to the conversations and find the answer of the GFQs (3 Min) - GFQ: They should listen to the conversation and number the picture. -The teacher do open class activity and then gets random feedback (2 min). -The teacher tell the students to listen to the conversation once more and answer the DFQs (3min) - DFQs: 1.Jack likes going to the beach. 2.Amma doesn't like water skiing because it is dangerous. 3.Tony likes kayaking and it is difficult. 4. Kitty doesn't like surfing. 5.questioner and Billy like swimming. - The teacher checks the answers in an open class activity. ( 2 min)

Activation (10-12 minutes) • To get the students use the learned language.

CP: Teacher writes some vocab and tell Students choose one of them, Teacher divide class to two groups and stands up everyone and play the audio and Student when hear the word should sit down, the group who sits first is winner. (3min) Words: Beach/beautiful /snokiling /water skiing /dengrous/safe/kayaking /difficult /fun/surfing /swimming. ICQs : 1.How many words can you choose? One. 2.Can you sit down any time you want? No. 3.The group who sit down first is winner? Yes. Semi:Teacher plays and pauses the audio and whenever he pauses the audio, that student should say the next sentence. If student says true he will get positive.(3min) ICQs: 1.Are you going to repeat the sentence that I paused? No. 2.Do you say last sentence or next sentence? Next. Freer:Teacher makes a conversation about seasports and students should ask and answers from each other and talk about their favorite ones and say their reason. (5min) ICQs:1.Are you going to speak about listening? No. 2.Is it important to know your friend's idea too? Yes.

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