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Elementary level


In this lesson students will read a text about James Bond for gist and later for detail. The text contains instances of the verb 'to be' used in past simple tense, which will lead to an exploration of the grammatical form, and some controlled and freer practice.


Abc James Bond reading
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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students will have learned to use "was", "wasn't", "were" and "weren't" in past simple

Subsidiary Aims

  • For Students to practice gist and detailed reading with a context of James Bond


Lead in/Pre-reading (2 minutes) • Introduce theme of the lesson and the reading

Ss to guess the theme of "James Bond" from associated pictures. What is James Bond's job? (Pre-teach 'spy' and 'secret agent')

Practice 1 (4 minutes) • Gist reading

Ss to read the text quickly and choose the appropriate headline for the piece.

Practice 2 (10 minutes) • Reading for detail

Ss to read the text for detail and complete a 'true or false?' exercise in pairs. If Ss finish early, "Would you like to be a secret agent? Why? Why not?"

Exposure (10 minutes) • Introduce TL

Highlight instances of was/wasn't/were/weren't in the text. Clarify the form for affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences.

Practice 3 (5 minutes) • Controlled practice of TL

Was, were or did game. Colour assigned to each word. Sentence read out with missing word. Students to indicate by holding up pieces of coloured paper, the word they think is missing.

Practice 4 (4 minutes) • Controlled practice of TL

Gap fill to make questions. Highlight difference between "Were you...?" versus "What were you...?

Practice 5 (10 minutes) • Freer practice

Students to write two or more questions using 'did', 'were' or 'was'. In pairs, Ss to ask each other the questions and answer them.

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