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Teaching Practice 1
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, students review and repeats present tenses that they have already studied before. They are more aware of time phrases and how to use them in their speech. First students need to find and identify the tenses from a text given and later match them up with appropriate uses. Then, students should write 3 sentences about their family by using times phrases. After, theyhave to fill the gaps and do speaking activity with their colleagues.


Abc Gap-Fill out handout

Main Aims

  • To review and extend Ss' awareness of present tenses(simple,continuous and perfect) and related time phrases, and freer practice in them, in the context of family and family history.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in speaking for fluency.


Grammar Practice #1 (3-5 minutes) • Review the present tenses

Give students instructions about how to do the ex1. After , in pairs ss should find the tenses. Later, with T and WC give the answers together.

Grammar Practice #2 (3-5 minutes) • Review the present tenses

After ss have done the ex1, T writes 5 sentences on the board and ask students which tense is used in which sentence. and require them to match it uses.

Semi-Controlled practice/Personalisation (3-5 minutes) • should be able to use time phrases personally

T prepares 3 sentences about her family by using one of the time phrases in the box ex3. Show this to the ss as role model , then ss work alone and write about their families by using the time phrases-again one from each box. After enough time, T give them a chance to compare their sentences with their peers.

Semi-Controlled practice (3-5 minutes) • ability of using time phrases in person

T first divide class into the groups of 3. Later, T gives out the prepared 12 cards to each group , it needs to be face down. Ss take turns in the groups and make sentences about themselves or their family. Ss shoudl speak ,not write.

Controlled practice-verb forms (3-5 minutes) • be more aware of using verb forms in reading

Before ss fill the gaps in pairs, T asks ss " where is the person originally from?", "What does he do now?". SS read quickly and answer questions. Then with their partners , ss fill the gaps using appropriate form. Later, Give out the answer key and check the answers and deal with any problems.

Speaking/ Personalisation/Freer Practice (5-10 minutes) • personalize the grammar and put it int the words

first SS choose 4 question they would be comfortable answering. Ss work in pairs and meantime ss can change partners and interview someone else.

Game " Write as fast as you can "-Solution activity-extra activity (5-15 minutes) • If any time left, use the verb forms with different ways

First T give instructions to the Ss how to play this game. First, T create a line according to ss' names and write a time phrase that ss have just learned. T requires them to complete the phrase in 20 secs or less and if cannot, pass to the other person behind each other. it goes like this until someone actually can do that and this person will write a phrase and will be the first one.

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