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Main Aims

  • To provide sts practise in reading for gist and detail in the context of ‘shopping’.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide sts semi-controlled practise in speaking for fluency in the context of ‘shopping’.


Lead-in (pre-reading) (4-5 minutes) • To arouse the sts interest in the topic of the lesson, shopping, thus setting the context

Sts will be shown a picture of a couple with shopping bags in their hands. 'What are they doing? What are they holding? Are they happy or sad? Sts are given a HO with a few personal questions about shopping and are asked to discuss them with their partners. T asks sts an ICQ , will you write or talk? As feedback a couple of sts are asked to tell the class about their partners shopping habits.

Pre teach vocabulary ( pre- reading) (4-6 minutes) • To prepare sts for the reading task ahead by introducing key vocabulary

Sts are shown and given a 'match the word to correct picture' HO. T elicits from he sts that they have to match the words with the pictures. Sts are asked to check their answers with their partners once they have completed the exercise. As FB, early finishers are asked to come up to the WB are write the answers. T then asks CCQ's to check understanding of the vocabulary. i.e : Is Metro City a department store?No. Do markets only sell food? No. Are there many shopping malls in Istanbul? Yes (NB:T includes the word ' shopping mall' so the sts can differentiate between 'department stores' and 'shopping malls' and also they will need it in the production stage. ) In order to make sure the sts know the word 'best' , T will ask sts to write 3 good shopping mall names ( within Istanbul) on the WB and ask which one is the best? T will also try to elicit 'famous for' from sts with the help of some images of famous Turkish singers. T drills vocabulary highlighting stress on the words students have written on the board so sts are able to pronounce them correctly in the production stage.

Reading for gist (while -reading) (4-6 minutes) • To help sts develop skim reading skills in the context of shopping

T chests HO with article about shopping plus 3 possible sentences( in large bold print) which best describe what the text is about. Sts are instructed to look at the picture, quickly read the text, gesturing 2 minutes, then to decide in pairs which is the best sentence for the text. T asks sts an ICQ, how many minutes? 2 minutes. As a WC FB ,sts tell their choices and why?

Reading for specific information ( while-reading) (6-8 minutes) • To provide sts practise in the reading sub-skill of scanning by reading for detail in the context of ‘shopping’.

The sts are shown and given a HO with questions. Sts are asked to read the text again individually to find the answers and then discuss them with their partners. As FB early finishers are then invited to the WB to write down their answers.

Speaking activitiy- controlled ( post reading) (4-6 minutes) • To provide sts the opportunity to practise speaking in a controlled manner in the context of shopping

Sts are told there are some answers and questions on slips of paper and each s will take one. Sts are asked to all stand up and find their match.T will do a demo before the sts start the activity. Once they have found their match, they can stick their matching questions and answers on the WB. As FB sts will decide if the answers are correct and if not, they will be asked to swap them around.

Speaking activity- semi controlled ( post -reading) (7-9 minutes) • To provide sts the opportunity to practise the speaking sub skill of fluency in a semi-controlled setting in the context of shopping in Istanbul

T writes a discussion topic on the WB - ' Where do you like going shopping in Istanbul? Why?' T writes a few prompts on the board: - which boutiques, shopping mall, markets. - expensive/cheap - clothes/ food Sts work in pairs and discuss the questions. Then sts regroup for extra practise and tell their new partner about their old partners shopping preferences. As FB, some sts are asked to share their shopping preferences.

Language feedback -error correction ( post- reading) (5-6 minutes) • Try to prevent fossilization of incorrect language use

Sts will receive feedback on any errors made during the productive stages of speaking. T will highlight any errors on the board and get the sts to come up and correct them. If necessary t will also work on pronunciation as well.

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