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Food ,Reading
Beginners , B1 level


In this lesson the Ss focus on reading skill through food context.I'm going to ask Ss about their favourite food and point to different pics of food by projector ,quickly ,for 1 or 2 mins . Then I 'm going to prepare some exercises for comprehension of the text as much as possible . We have Gap-Fill,Gallery reading , matching exercises for this reason.And in pro-reading they will have a free discussion ,they'll talk about their own life .


Abc Pics in projector,HO1(food's names),HO2(people's name),HO3(senteces),HO4(gap-fill),HO5(matching)
Abc Pics in projector,HO1(food's names),HO2(people's name),HO3(senteces),HO4(gap-fill),HO5(matching)

Main Aims

  • To provide reading skill in context of food.I'll encourage Ss to generate interest in topic by asking them about their favourite food and pointing to some pics of food. Then we 'll have pre-teach vocabs,I'll teach three new food and will prepare another simple exercise on the board.We'll have reading for gist with a gallery reading game ,reading for specific info with a matching exercise ,reading for details with another gallery reading , reading for inference with other exercises and finally they have post-reading through a free discussion.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking fluency in a free discussion in real life .


Background • Classroom profile

The Ss are about 12 adult aged 21-75 . But three or four of them are usually absent . They 're studing English for different reasons .Most Ss are Turkish except Maral,Amouda and Mohamed,they're from Turkmenistan , Senegal and Turkestan .They're comfortable with variety of activities .They have a tendency to revert back to Turkish .


The Ss will engage in this topic. They 've been introduced simple present (+ , - , ? ) ,verb 'to be' and few food in their previous lessons .So they will be able to complete the activities in this lesson .

Personal Aims

First of all to reduce TTT , then to improve error-correction and grouping .

Timetable Fit

The topic of this session is going to be different but Ss can use verb 'be' , present simple and also some food from their previous sessions.Today they're going to improve their reading and speaking skills through topic of food .

Anticipated problems and solutions

Prob : Most Ss are Turkish,so they may struggle with the meaning of 'pasta'.It means 'cake ' in Turkish . Solution : I'll point to the pic and write 'pasta'.or mark 'I cook pasta with curry sauce for lunch.' so they'll get "pasta" could be spicy and couldn't be sth like cake in English . Prob: Machego is another food which is unfamilier for Ss. Solution : The best technique is visual here . so I'll show its pic and ask them to repeat ,they can see that it's a kind of cheese .

Pre-reading / Lead-in (1-2 minutes)

To generate interest in the topic of the lesson ,I;m going to ask the Ss about their favourite food and show them some pics of food by projector quickly for 1 or 2 mins .

Pre-Teach / vocabulary (5-7 minutes)

We don't have many difficult words except ,'pasta' / / , 'spaghetti' / / , 'Manchego' / / .So I'll show their pics one by one ,mark their names and ask them to repeat .put the stress on the words and write their phonetic .

While Reading / Reading for gist (2-4 minutes)

To encourage Ss read for gist and general understanding ,I'm going to collect a food from each paragraph and stick on the board or walls then ask the Ss to take a look at the text for 2 mins and find the people in the text who like them to eat . (of course I put the names of people on a table to stand and look for the names) and put it under the correct pic . ICQ : Are you going to read slowly ? no, fast Work alone ? yes What are you looking for ? people Are you going to find the names and sit ? no,stand and stick How much time ? 2mins

Reading for specific info (6-7 minutes)

I'm going to prepare a matching exercise .They should study the text for 4 mins and then match the paragraphs with the pics of favourite food .then compare their answers in pairs for 2 mins .Finally volenteers will say the answers for the class for checking .

Reading for details (7-9 minutes)

The Ss will have 4 mins to read the text .After 4 mins they should put the text down and complete a Gap-Fill exercise in group , for 3 mins . after that they can look at the text and check their answers. ICQ: How much time do yo have to read ? 4 Are going to fill the gaps ? yes In pairs or in group ? group

Reading for inference (5-8 minutes)

I'm going to prepare some sentences taken out the text , Eg. I don't eat breakfast , I eat breakfast , I like fish , I'm busy , I'm not busy , We're on holiday .Then stick them on the walls and ask them read the text again for 3 mins and find the people who refer to these sentences.They can work in pairs . ICQ: Do you work alone? no ,in pairs Are you going to read and then stick the names ? yes . How much time ? 3

Post-Reading / Speaking task (8-10 minutes)

The Ss have an opportunity to personalise the topic. They should talk and connect the topic to their real life .First work in pairs for 4 mins . ICQ: Do you talk about the text ? no ,about ourselves Work alone ? no, in pairs How much time ? 4 After 4 mins, they should stand up and change their partners for 4 mins . ICQ: Are you going to change your partners ? yes How many mins ? 4 If I have time ,I can ask them to sit and talk about their friends for the class .

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