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Design a tour :speaking and writing
intermidiate level


In this lesson, students will learn about designing a tour through speaking and writing .The lesson starts with designing a tour similar to Elaine's .Learners design a tour to California or any interesting Country .Finally write an itinerary for your tour describing what will happen in each day .


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of design a tour

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product writing practice of a itinerary for the tour in the context of d


design a tour • speaking

Stage Procedure Materials Interaction Pattern Time Comments Pre-speaking (Warmer) Focus Student's attention on the map and check that they can see all the places in California . T asks Ss IF anyone has visited California before .if students do not know very much about California , encourage them to tell you anything at they know .talk students through the decisions they have to make , then give them time to think . A map T-Ss 5 Speaking 1 To practise speaking in exercise 1:design a tour to California T will give students activity to answer it ,he asks students to design a tour to California .they will be a guide to other students in your class , discuss: what do you know about California ? Think about the capital and main cities, the climate, the language, the scenery and sightseeing. (Form stage). Feedback: students peer check while teacher can monitor and keep eyes if someone mistakes. Sheet work groups 10 Speaking 2 Exercise 2 : Decide on the following things to make a conversation about a tour T circulates , answering vocabulary questions and helping students to plan the tour .for example ,how long do you think they should stay in California? Feedback: Ss check in pairs and the T discuss with them their answerers. Sheet work Questions WC, PW, T-S 5 Post speaking: Writing :the focus here is on accuracy Go on accuracy , that you have from the spoken tours , remember only to select the most useful errors , and to limit the number of points to a maximum of ten . Feedback: Ss will peer check their answers and then T elicits answers from wc Writing sheet work WC, PW, T-S 10

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