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Face to face short reading and listening speaking task based
Prep course-Demo class page 32 and page 33 level


In this lesson, after answering two warm-up questions, students start with some pictures and discuss what they see.It will lead to Vocabulary teaching and reading the short text about them.Later on, the related listening part will be done individually and then checked in pairs and the whole class.The follow-up activity will be done in groups as a controlled practice in which the students will be monitored by the teacher for the process of error correction later. In the next step to clarify the meaning and usage of grammatical points, the teacher will contextualize the grammar and will guide students to use more advanced narrative tenses such as past perfect continues rather than past progressive and simple past. After teaching meaning based grammar, students will be familiarized with the necessary structures some form practices will be dealt with as typical process of teaching grammar as well as pronunciation practices for the new structure.To provide more practices the following exercises will be done and monitored by students and the teacher accordingly.For furder pair word page 105 and 108 will be allocated to two groups of students separately.


Abc Short Reading hand outs
Abc Listening vocabulary and Task a ,b hand outs and (Transcript)
Abc Three pictures related to Listening Vocabulary Reading
Abc A short reading passage
Abc Listening questions
Abc A group of key words
Abc Reading exercises
Abc A set of vocabulary related to the listening and reading parts
Abc Three pictures hand outs
Abc choose the best form and fill in the gaps questions

Main Aims

  • To provide students with new vocabulary in service of listening practice through pictures and a short reading passage about Urban Legends
  • provide students with the correct pronunciation of the new grammatical structure
  • To review simple past and past continuous and teach past perfect continuous clarification while comparing it to past perfect simple and practice

Subsidiary Aims

  • Making the students involved in producing the language with the new knowledge and practice it till it sticks to their mind


Warm-up /Lead-in (4-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

First, two questions will be asked to introduce the topic and make the students ready for more discussions. The students will be asked to answer the questions in pairs for a minute, then the teacher will elicit the answers. In Lead-in part the Ss will be asked to talk about the pictures and predict the stories in pairs, then they will be asked to answer the Qs in the book after reading the short passage in the book. The teacher will provide help in case the Ss need the meaning of some words.

Vocabulary/ Pre Listening activity (5-6 minutes) • To prepare the students for Listening comprehension and make them be able to answer the related questions

Pre-teach the vocabulary by contextualizing, providing the pronunciation and part of speech. After teaching each vocabulary CCQ ( Concept Checking Question) done by the teacher will assure her of the Ss learning.Then the students will be asked to read the Qs of the listening part in advance and underline the keywords in order to answer the questions while listening.

Listening (4-6 minutes) • Check and improve the Listening comprehension

The Ss will listen to the listening part once and while listening will take necessary notes. Listening part will be played two times just in case the majority of the Ss have difficulty in understanding the essential details. After listening, the answers will be checked two by two and then by the whole class for open checking and correction by the teacher.

Post Listening Activity (5-7 minutes) • To enhance and check the productivity of the students

The students will get in groups of three, they will stand up and using the clues given by the book, produce their own stories through a mingling activity. Their practice will be monitored by the teacher. The teacher will take notes of occurred errors to write on the board later and ask the students to correct them in their groups. Then the teacher will elicit the answers and provide the correct ones.

Grammar Activity (15-20 minutes) • To review the old grammar and teach the new grammar

The teacher checks the students' previous knowledge by asking them to talk about a past event in pairs and then to the whole class. In this part, the focus will be on Simple Past and Past continuous tenses.The teacher highlights the required tenses and introduces the new topic.She teaches the grammar through meaning, form, structure, and accuracy. First examples are provided that are clear about the differences between Past Perfect Simple and Past perfect continuous, during the whole process the teacher will make the Ss involved by asking them related questions, then form and structure will be taught in positive, negative and question forms and the Ss will get to know in what type of context this structure will be suitable to be used . The students' learning will be checked through a controlled practice given in the book, first individually, then by pair check and finally teacher's check. At this point, the correct pronunciation will be taught through a very short practice by listening and the whole class and some students by random and individually repeating the sentence.For more structural practice the students will do more controlled practice that follows the pronunciation part first individually, then checked in the pair and in the end by the teacher.To make the process of learning the most fruitful the students will refer to pages 105 and 108 in pairs of A and B to read the stories and retell them using the clues and the learned grammar.

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