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Upper Intermediate level


In this class the students will gather relevant vocabulary in the context of Turkish Cuisine, specifically the dessert 'Baklava.' They then have the opportunity to practice the TL in a speaking activity i designed myself, a simple board game that opens up descriptive conversation about Turkish and International cusine. They can personalise the topic with certain questions aimed at the food experience they have had in the past. This is a relevant subject and in the coming days at the end of Ramadan (Bayram) they may have the opportunity to use this dialog.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice using conversion, discussion and dialog about cuisine

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and detailed reading practice using a text about cuisine in the context of turkish tradition


Warm Up/Lead In (2-5 minutes) • To activate schemata / introduce topic

T shows pic of M eating cake or other M when younger in Hatlepool T shows some traditional English food. T asks Ss about their national cusine. T Elicits - sticky, sweet, crunchy, flaky, soft, nutty - Pics on OHP Ss - Stick the word to the appropriate image. T asks the Ss for any other words to describe food. T explains 'sweet tooth' with a drawing on board.

Exposure (4-6 minutes) • To provide a model of expected vocab and coming tasks

T gives HO:1 and ask the Ss to quickly read it Ss gist read and T writes 3 options on WB " The baklava trail " " Istanbul desserts " " What a sweet life " " Green Gaziantep Pistachio's " T CCQs - "Give me a title for this article" -

Reading 1 (5-5 minutes) • Reading for detail

T asks 4 questions to whole group. 1. Which ancient city do they write about? 2. Who adapted thew recipe for the sultan 3. Whats the ideal condition for growing pistachios? 4. Gulluoglu has franchised in which countries? 5. What year was it founded? answer key - 1.Gaziantep 2. Ottoman chefs. 3 hot and dry 4. Turkey, Italy, America and Latvia 5. 1871 the students then work in pairs Ss find the synonym/antonym for several words

Speaking 1 (10-15 minutes) • To get Ss talking fluently about topic of Turkish Cuisine using descriptive vocabulary

T will demo the board game. Ss will be grouped into 4 or 5's S then play the boardgame for 10/15 mins - speaking outloud as T listens for error correction. T can play music so Ss talk louder.

Freer Speaking (5-10 minutes) • Students will have the chance to speak in the TL with error correction from T

1. T pairs Ss to discuss "What is the most traditional Turkish food". 2, Ss agree so T regroups them to fours 3. T joins groups together to reach a class solution 4. T then DEC any mistakes the Ss said during speaking

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