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Pre-Intermediate A2 level


In this lesson, students learn about the question form of the past continuous in the context of relationships and first meetings. The lesson starts with a discussion about being in a couple. This is followed by a game with different pictures showing various steps in a relationship, where students have to work in groups to find out which one is corresponding to the different sentences. The next sequence is a listening comprehension where students focus on an interview and answer questions about what they heard. Finally, after explaining the structure of the question form of past continuous, students will work within 2 groups to prepare some questions about a man or a woman in a couple and then ask them to a partner in the other group.


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of question form of the past continuous in the context of relationships and first meetings

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed and specific information listening practice using a text about couples
  • To provide practice of relationship lexis


Lead-in (10-12 minutes) • Learners understand and be able to use lexis about couples necessary for stage 2

As an introduction, I will explain to the students that there are different steps before being in a couple. As an example, I will greet one woman in the class as if for the first time and ask her to marry me. Then, I will explain to the whole class she will of course say "No" because we do not know each other well enough. I will elicite different steps of being a couple and write it down on the whiteboard to use during the following activity. We will play a game to find out what those senences mean. I will organize the whiteboard as a table with 1 line for each step on the left side and 3 columns. I ask the students to form 3 different groups: the blue team, the red team and the black team by giving a whiteboard pen. When they are organized as teams, I show them an envelope and explain the game. There are 8 different pictures representing steps in a couple. They will have one minute to talk about the pictures within their group and each member chose one picture (one member maybe two). After the minute, all the students will stick their picture in the box corresponding to their team and the appropriate step. With the whole class, we check the answers and congratulate the winner.

Exposure to the functional language (8-10 minutes) • Learners will listen and answer questions in order to get familiar with the question form in past continuous

Now that students know all about being in a couple, I explain them we will be listening to an interview about how Liam met his wife Jenny. I show them exercise page 15 and ask them to answer the questions while they are listening. After handing out the sheets, I give the learners a minute to read the questions 6 a). Then I start playing the interview one. When it is finished, I ask them if they want to listen to it another time and play it with some longer pauses. I give the students 3 minutes to check the answers with their pair and then correct with the whole class.

Grammar structure: (2-5 minutes) • Learners will understand how to form a past continuous question

I ask the learners to read questions 4 and 5 in exercise 6a) and to look carefully at the structure. I write down on the whiteboard: "We make questions in the Past Continuous with: Question word + ________ or _______ + subject + _______" I ask the whole class to fill in the blanks. To After giving an example ("what were you doing after class yesterday") and asking it to a couple of students.

Practising useful (10-13 minutes) • Learners practise forming and asking questions in the past continuous form

Divided In 2 groups, every student works first on his own by reading for group 1 exercise p103 and exercise p11 for group 2. After 5 minutes, they check their questions within the group for 3 minutes. I explain they will be asking questions to a member of the other group about Linda or Colin. Learners of group 1 start questioning and then the opposite. I ask students to stand up and group 1 to raise one hand so that they can match with the others easily and start talking in different corners. While monitoring, I correct some sentences and write down some on the whiteboard for a whole class feedback.

Extra activity (6-8 minutes) • Learners make their own examples with the structure they just learned

I ask the students to think about what they were doing for last new year and write down some questions they would like to know about others. 2 our 3 minutes later, I will ask them to stand up and mindle in the classroom asking their questions to other students. I will be monitoring and correcting some mistakes.

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