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apology, reason, promise
Pre-Intermediate A2/B1 level


In this lesson, Ss will learn how to make apology, give reason, and make promise. first of all Ss will watch a video to understand the concept then try to elicit the concept via matching activity then try to build a form for apology, reason and promise. Then the Ss will do 2 controlled practices and 1 free activity.


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Main Aims

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Subsidiary Aims

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Lead in (5-7 minutes) • lead the students to the topic.

As their previous lessons were about job. I'll ask them the following question and get the answers from the whole class, Is your job tiring or not? Can you get time off easily or not? Do you work alone or as a group? Do you ever have problem with your colleagues or boss? If you have a problem or make something wrong, what do you do?

Presentation • to introduce the Ss functional language related to apology, reason, promise.

To make Ss understand the context clearly I will play the video for the first time just to differentiate the scenes. then scond watch is for getting the focus to the sentences which includes target function. Then I'll try to elicit the function with the help of an exercises asking Ss to match the function with the possible sentence beginnigs that would be used for apologizing, giving reason and making promises.

Controlled Practice • to make students use the function (apology, reason, promise) in controlled practices.

I will use the activity in their workbook on page 19 (ex. 1). I will give all Ss different sentences and want them to find their partner to form the function language - apology, reason, promise-. As a second controlled activity I'll use the 5th activity in the coursebook. Ss will complete the blanks to make a dialogue and then will practise it.

Production • to make Ss use the function language (apology, reason, promise).

There are 2 different difficult situation in their books and I'll add more situation to make each group deal with a different situation then I'll ask them to write a dialogue using the function they learnt. Then I'll ask Ss to listen their friends carefully because they will vote for the dialogue whichever they like most. Then the group who gets more vote will be the winner.

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