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In this lesson ,students will listen to an audio which has been designed to provide them in a context of learning subject pronouns and possessive pronouns , and it will be continued with a speaking activity to use the target language


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about family and speaking practice in a form of conversation regarding family tree.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of subject and possessive adjectives in the context of family


warmer (4 minutes) • To set the context of family and spark students interest .

T puts some photos of her family members and Mary and Sid on the wall and asks students to stand up in pairs to guess the family words regarding each person and write it down on a stick note , then stick it next to the particular person on the photos. T points at a person and elicits the words and nominates other students to play the teacher`s role and do the same. Note: T teacher writes the needed language on the board." she is her ......./ he is her ......."

pre-listening (3 minutes) • to teach the new word of the listening and engage the students in the listening

T draws the table on the board ,uses the photos in order to elicit the words such as grandmother ,grandfather, grandson, granddaughter, grandchildren . T asks some concept checking questions : " Is grandmother male or female? Is grandson male or female ? Is grandchildren singular or plural? " The words are drilled as a whole class first .Then for the second time, T divides the class in two groups and asks each group to repeat and then T writes them on the board.

while -listening (11 minutes) • put names in order

T instructs sts to listen to Mary talking about her family and put the names on the board ,then the audio on P.25 will be played. sts are asked to listen and put the names in order. sts check the answers in pairs. As feedback, answers will be provided on the board using the projector.T shows the handout and explains there are 6 questions that they need to listen and answer .T hands out the questions of exercise 8b and ask sts to listen and do the task individually. sts listen and do the task .The answers are checked in pairs . Note: she demonstrates the instructions. ICQ:" will we write the answers ?yes will we do it alone or with a partner? alone" FB: Answers will be provided by the teachers on paper stuck under their seats.

grammar (10 minutes) • to introduce and practice subject pronouns and possessive adjectives

In order to make new groups, T nominates each student a family member like " mother,father, grandmother,..." T asks sts to find their teammates with people who have the same family member. T shows a hand out to the class and explains that there are 4 fill -in a bank questions about Mary`s family.and asks sts to complete the worksheet in a groups of 3. T gives the instructions and does the first one to demonstrate how the task will be done .T sets the time (3 minutes) and when the time is up, T projects the correct answers on the board and asks Sts to check.T draws a table of two columns of subject pronouns and possessive adjectives and elicits not only the pronouns but also the rules. As a controlled practice,T distributes exercise 10 worksheet.In order to model the first question, she could use her hands or fingers ,puts them in pairs and hands out the questions . ICQ :" Will we do it alone or with a partner?partner will we circle the correct word? yes" FB: T puts the answers on the walls and asks sts to stand up and check their answers.

Speaking (17 minutes) • To provide sts with an speaking task to activate the TL in the context of family.

T puts a family tree on the board using the projector and writes her family members' names. Teacher asks sts to do the same and distributes the family tree templates .T sets the time (2 minutes) and then she uses a student's family tree to demo and instruct the activity. Sts are asked to stand up and mingle in order to ask and answer questions about each other's family members. ICQ : "will we do it alone ? no will we ask and answer questions? yes will we ask and answer question about our family? yes" FB: sts will be asked to work in groups so that they could report about their partner`s family tree.T nominates some students to share some information about their friends with the class. Error Correction: T monitors the class and makes some notes about Sts`s mistakes. the mistakes will be written on the board and Sts are asked to find about the mistakes and correct them in pairs.

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