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Global issues -Vocabulary-Speaking.
A2 level


By the end of this lesson,students will learn about reading some vocabulary like: Global issue,Animal and nature conservation,Internet,Health,Education, Genetically engineering , Poverty and Genetically engineering. These vocabulary about global issues .Sts will use those words for the sub-aim in speaking about the effects of three global issues on people's life.Before the speaking task Sts will practice a writing task relating to the internet as a review for the usage of the past simple tense .The speaking task of "Fluency" connects the main aim as sts will use all the vocabulary . .Sts will see two pictures about the global issues and .After eliciting words,using I will check the concept using CCQs.I will use ECDW with phonemic symbols. "MFP" will be used effectively to check meaning ,form and pronunciation. A competition will be held to check the meaning and form and drilling individually and chorally to check pronunciation.


Abc pre-speaking

Main Aims

  • Sts will learn about vocabulary of "Global issues"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice speaking skills based on "accuracy"


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Sts will see some photos about the global issues and let them guess about the lesson

Eliciting vocabulary and give the target language (8-12 minutes) • Sts will get the meaning of vocab.


Checking the meaning using CCQ's technique (6-10 minutes) • Check their understanding for the vocabulary

Genetically modified crops. Are genetically these kinds of crops natural ? Do the scientists change their genes? Do they contain chemicals? Are they good for people's health? Global warming Is it a problem of Turkey only? Is it one of the reason of fire forest ? Does it have an effect on the weather? Poverty Does it mean you have money ? Does it mean you don't have money? Another CCQ's will be a competition between two groups every group will take two minutes to put the head lines of the newspaper in front of the right global issue

Modelling and Drilling (1-2 minutes) • Pronunciation

Chorally four times then,individual" pick few sts" group"A" then "B" .To check pronunciation

Re-eliciting written record (2-3 minutes) • Check concept

I will ask some questions to check CCQ'S

Time for copying (1-3 minutes) • Allow time for sts to copy

I will give sts two minutes to copy the new vocabulary

Pre-speaking task 1(a controlled written practice) (4-6 minutes) • Further check sts ' understanding and provide initial practice

Every student will a get a sheet of paper written on sentence on it .They will be asked to go around the classroom and find the answer of four questions that are stuck on walls.Then sts sit in pairs"PW" to check their answers and in groups "GW" finally, WCFB.

Pre-speaking task 2 (6-10 minutes) • lead in to speaking practice

Sts will be asked to put the global issues in order the most dangerous to the least dangerous .Sts will start individually after one minute I will ask them to speak in pairs "PW" to check their answers(I will tell them there is not any right or wrong answer on this activity).Then ,they will be divided into two groups"GW" to discuss about the order of the issues finally ,they will mingle as the WC

During the task (8-10 minutes) • Monitoring for error to give them feedback at the end of the task

monitor the sts during the speaking task to know their errors and encourage the to evolve in the activity .The feedback from sts as "WC" and will correct their errors at the end of class as the task is freer task "fluency' .

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