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Past simple lesson
A1 level


This is a lesson about the past simple(positive). I will be teaching vocabulary by using listening as main aim and speaking as a sub-aim.


Abc Gap filled handout
Abc Questionaire
Abc LEAD IN - Copy of restaurants' menu

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, specific information and detailed listening practice using a text about food, drinks, music and books in the context of club, restaurants and books. To provide clarification, review and practice of words like went/read/was/wasnt - good/not very good, expensive/not very expensive in the context of restaurants, and a book and a club

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide a fluency and accuracy speaking practice using conversation/discussion in pairs, groups in the context of restaurants, a club and a book telling me if the food was good and expensive or not


Lead in (1-4 minutes) • To activate SS' knowledge of the topic, to establish context and have the SS think about the context, to develop oral fluency.

Put a copy of a Syrian restaurants' menu and a copy of the jackets of the Fifty shades of Gray books on the white board. Tell SS that you were at the restaurant on the weekend with a friend. Tell them you had "Arab Doner", which was very good, and an interesting experience. Tell the ss that I also finished the book Fifty Shades of Darker this weekend. Ask SS what they did the weekend, had they gone out to a restaurant and what did they eat? Did they see the movie Fifty Shades of Darker? Ask if they have read the book? This is to set the context for the vocabulary lesson that is to follow and get the SS interested in the topic.

Stage 1 - grammer (1-10 minutes) • To teach vocabulary- Past simple verbs - went, was and small words like a, the, bad, but, to , on

Stage 1 gist listening Make a worksheet with short sentences with the names of the places and the author of the book left out. Explain to the ss that they have to listen and write the names of the author and the places on the worksheet Give out worksheet Play recording 2.25 Give SS a chance to write answers Ask them to give the answers Pre-teach the word restaurant and yesterday. Pre-teach the word read/read...point out that the word reads the same but the pronunciation is different for the two tenses.

Stage 2 - WHILE LISTENING TASK (1-8 minutes) • To encourage SS to listen for detailed comprehension

Stage 2 while listening specific information listening task Pair SS Make a worksheet with longer sentences, the small words left out Explain to SS that they have to listen and write the words that was left out of the sentences in the spaces on the worksheets Give an example. .read the first sentence together Give out worksheets Play recording 2.25 Give SS time to write the answers Ask if they want to hear recording again When finished writing the answers give them each an answer sheet and ask them to check each others answers. Any error correcting to be done now

Stage 3 - Speaking exercise (1-10 minutes) • To develop oral fluency through a speaking task

Stage three speaking exercise Group SS Write three topics on the white board: Favorite TV show Favourite movie Favourite food Tell SS to talk to each other in their groups and ask each other what they choose and why they choose it. They can write their answers down. Give SS a chance to.talk Now we talk about it Each SS mustn't tell the class what he or she learned from their partners. They must make full sentences(this is to develop fluency through the talking task. Hot error correction and drilling of sentences if necessary

Stage 4 -SPEAKING TASK (1-10 minutes) • To develop oral fluency through a speaking task

Stage 4 speaking task Tell SS that my dad has passed.on but my mom is alive and lives with my brother to set a topic Tell SS that they will be mingling While mingling they have to find out from each other about their families for example are they married, do they have children, if not married are their parents still alive ex. Give them a few minutes Ask them.to sit back in the groups they were in. Ask SS to give feedback but to make full sentences ex Mustafa is single and has one brother. Hot error correcting to be done.

Stage 5 - feedback (1-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on contents and hot error correction

Ask students to sit down As ss whom they spoke to and what was the SS favorite food and restaurant SS must answer in full sentences for ex. "Mustafas' favorite restaurant is ----- and he likes to eat ------- there" Error correction if nessecary

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