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Used to
Pre-intermediate A2 level


In this lesson students will learn about "used to" based on a listening test about shopping now and then. Then there will be controlled practice. That's followed by freer practice. At last students will produce using the target language.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification for the meaning of "used to" and for students to practice it. (Grammar)

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to speak in pairs or groups using the target language accurately.


Presentation (5-8 minutes) • The teacher presents the target language

- Refer to the previous lesson which is about shopping habits back and then and write some sentences from the text on the board: --They used to have special room only for men. --It used to be popular. - Ask students CCQs like: Do they have these rooms now? No Did they have them in the past? - Try to get students to label "they" and "have" and write that on board. - Drill the pronunciation of "used to" which is /jʊːstə/. - Try to elicit the negative form of the sentences and write them on the board. "They didn't use to have special room...". - Try to elicit yes/no question and wh-question Did they use to have....? What did they use to have....? - Point out to students what happens to "used to" in the negative and question form.

Practice (10-15 minutes) • For students to practise the target language in controlled, semi controlled and free activities.

- Tell students that now we will do a fill-in-the-gaps exercise in pairs. - Distribute the sheets. - Monitor students while doing the exercise. -Do a whole class feedback by saying number 1 is...number 2 is....and write the answers on the board. - Tell students the instructions of the second exercise that they will negate the sentences in the first part and ask questions about the second part. - Ask ICQs to make sure they understand the instructions like: the first part is about negative or question?Negative The second part? Question - Tell students to work in pairs. -Distribute the sheets. -Monitor the students and provide help if necessary. - Do the feedback by asking a student from each group to read the answer. - Give the instructions of the third exercise and tell the students to fill in the blanks with used to or didn't use to. - Ask ICQs like: what are you going to write? - Tell students to work in groups. - Monitor the students and provide help if necessary. - Do a whole class feedback by making one of each group read the full sentence with the answer.

Production (10-15 minutes) • For students to speak or write using the language

- Instruct students to write five sentences individually about things they used to do in the past. - After they finish tell them to stand up and mingle to tell each other what they wrote. - Monitor them while speaking with each other. - After they finish tell them to discuss in groups how each one of them looked like when they were younger. - Monitor them while they speak with each other.

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