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Listening and Speaking
Intermediate level


In this activity Ss will learn new vocab and their definitions. Ss will listen to conversation on answering difficult questions and practice on answering difficult questions. This task will help them improve their listening and speaking skills. Students will improve their receptive skills by listening and productive skills by speaking.


Abc Listen for answers

Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about difficult questions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of answering questions


Lead in / Warm Up (3-5 minutes) • For students to predict the task we will cover

T will instruct Ss that they will watch a video about a dad and child conversation and what they can see in the video. T will play a short video about childrens questions they ask to their parents. At the end of the video Teacher asks Ss if they know any children that asks these kind of questions to you or to their parents. T will ask Ss few questions from the video like "was daddy having difficulty answering the questions".

Pre-teaching Vocabulary (8-10 minutes) • Ss need to learn new words during the lesson so they can understand the task we are covering

T will teach Ss new vocab, Teacher will put Ss into pairs and and will give clear instructions on how to complete the excersice. T will show Ss to sets of cards one with vocab and the other one with the definitions. T will ask Ss to match the definitions with the words with their. T will give students 2 minutes to complete the matching. T will ICQ by asking "are you working alone", "are you going to write anything". Students will have 2 mins to match the words with definitions, T will ask each group to say what definitions they have with what word. T will drill each word with whole class, T will write each word on the board and define the stress with Ss and the part of speech.

Task prediction (2-3 minutes) • Ss to predict the context of the task by eliciting picture

T will show a picture of father and son on power point and elicit answers from Ss. Ss will come up with different ideas and T will lead Ss by asking "what do you think they are doing", "are they talking".

Receptive skills (7-8 minutes) • Listening for gist

T will instruct students that they will be a listening to an audio about difficult questions asked by people. Teacher will ask Ss to work individually and order the sentences given while listening to the audio. T ICQ's "are we giong to work with our partners" "are we going to write anything". Teacher plays the audio and monitor Ss, Ss will be asked to check if they have correct order with their peer. T will ask Ss the order of the question scripts (FB) to check if they all have the correct order. Give students 3mins to work in pairs to try answer the questions but not to worry we will listen to the answers later. T elicits Ss answers.

While Listening (7-8 minutes) • Ss practice their listening skills

T instruct Ss to listen for other peoples answers and what they think about the questions. T tells Ss not to worry if they miss some parts of the answers and they will listen to it again. After the audio T asks Ss to compare their answers and see if they have similar answers. T asks Ss to work individually and listen for informations and answers from the audio and complete the notes on the handout while listening. T elicits answers from Ss.

Post-Listening (speaking) (8-10 minutes) • For Ss to practice and improve their speaking skills.

T will divide the class into 2 group naming them A and B. T will re-arrange seating so Ss will face and see each-other. The will give clear instructions about the game they will play (Quiz). Group A and B will ask each other multiple choice questions and other one by one and each group will try and guess the correct answers. This activity will motivate Ss and give them an opportunity to ask questions. At the end of the lesson T will do error corrections.

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