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Modals of Speculation TP1
Upper Intermediate level


Ss will review/learn about modals of speculation in present and past. Ss might be familiar with modals of speculation. Ss will do additional oral practice of the TL.


Abc Images with speculation q's
Abc Ship Painting with Fill in the Blank
Abc Audio Transcript
Abc Clues

Main Aims

  • To present/revise modals of speculation in present and past

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss with additional oral practice of the TL


Highlight Target Language (12-14 minutes) • To highlight the TL, modals of speculation, so that learners are focused on it

Draw a chart on the board from 0% to 100%. Elicit the students to give examples of modal verbs. Begin "Where's my phone?" Have the Ss give ideas about where the phone is. Reveal Clues until it is found. Provide a some sentences which use the TL. Make sure the sentences convey a proper meaning of the TL. Provide the transcript from the listening exercise. Ask Ss in pairs to underline all the modals in the transcript. Run feedback. Guide the Ss to interpreting the meaning of the modal in the sentence by asking yes or no questions about the text/TL.

Clarifying Target Language (5-7 minutes) • To: Clarify meaning so learners understand it, clarity form so that learners know how to construct it and use it in a sentence

Ask the students which modals represent the present and which the past. Ask why/how they know when the modal is talking about the past. Go over the sentence form. Ask Ss to come up with sentences based on Where's my phone?

Language Practice (25-27 minutes) • To provide controlled oral/written practice focused on using the language accurately. To provide free oral practices and use the language productively.

Provide image of Ships. Ss work in pairs to fill in the blank with the right modal. Run Feedback. Provide images of scenes. Provide the students with some questions about the images. Have the students work in groups to discuss the answers using modals of speculation. Run feedback. Introduce the Unsolved Mysteries HO. In 3 large groups of 5 or more, Ss will speculate what might have happened for the 3 stories. After they have finished, provide HO to check if their speculations were similar. Run the feedback and discuss answers. If there is more time, go over common errors and have the students correct them.

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