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Grammar - Past perfect and conditionals
Level A2-B1 - Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson the students learn about the past perfect by a context of "News around the world". The lesson consists of a lead in, a reading task, clarifying language, language practice and feedback.


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Main Aims

  • Grammar - To provide clarification, review and practice of the past perfect tense in the context of "News around the world"

Subsidiary Aims

  • Pronunciation - To provide practise with sentence stress by listening to and drilling the sentences


Lead in (4-6 minutes) • To activate SS' knowledge of the topic, to establish context and have the SS think about the context, to practice grammar.

-Put pictures on the board -Ask SS to look at it -In groups discuss the pictures -SS tell class to discuss in pairs what is happening in the pictures -Get feedback.

Reading task. (9-10 minutes) • To introduce the practice activity, and to highlight the target language in the activity.

-Give the reading exercise, explain: "Read this, you have two minutes. Check if the ideas you had about the stories were correct. You can discuss this in your groups after reading." -Give a few minutes. -Check if they right. CCQ's like were the swimmers surprised? -How did the shark get into the water? -Were anyone hurt? -What did they do with the shark? -Why were the security guards surprised? -Where did they take the dog? -How did they find its owner? -Give answer sheet and ask SS to read exercise again, and fill in the gaps with the sentences supplied. let them discuss answers. -Give a few minutes. -Get feedback Give an example - tell ss to look at the first sentence and elicit an example from them. In their groups' they can make a list of the words. Give them a handout with the answers, ask them to peer check. Feedback: ask them to give answers, check if they are right.

Clarifying target language. (12-18 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of the target language, model and provide controlled practice of comparative adjectives and adverbs, as...as

-Look at the articles again -Look at the highlighted verbs in the Australia story -Ask SS which action happened first? -Which action happened first? A or B? -B happened first -Draw a timeline on the board -Past_____x_______________x______Now B A -What are the two parts of the verb in the second sentence? -Write: "A large wave had carried the shark into the pool during the night." - had + past participle=past perfect -Look at the other story. -Work in groups, underline the examples of had+ past participle in the exercise. -Give a few minutes. -Elicit the answers - Had gone, had left, had run away, had gone, had got, had traveled. -Did all these actions happen before or after the main part of the story? -Feed back with cut out exercise - give them a few minutes and elicit the answers. -Drill answers.

Language practice (11-17 minutes) • To provide freer practise of grammar

-Pair them -Give them handout with pictures and sentences, explain they have to fold it. -Ask them to talk about the pictures. -Give them a few minutes -Ask them to unfold the task -Complete the sentences Feedback from the whole class.

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