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The internet
beginners level


In this lesson students will talk about what they can do on the internet than they will have a reading and at the end they will create their own web side and present that web side.


Main Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text about the internet in the context of what can we do on the internet

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation and presentation in the context of what can we do on the internet


lead in (2-3 minutes) • To introduce interest on the context of the lesson and activate ss schemata.

-t writes WWW on the board and elicits what this means (world wide web) - then asks them to work with a partner and find 5 web sides they use and they will discuss about what they can do on them (maybe look for information, listening music...) in 3 minutes ICQ: 1) How many web sides? 2) are you going to write? 3) how many minutes?

pre-teach the vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To raise Ss awareness of the lexis related to context

-T will go over the vocabulary that they might not know "pay, chat to, book" (t demonstrates the word and tries to elicit from the ss T drills and writes them on the board one by one. "bill and chess" T show picture and elicits from the ss if they don't know T says. Drills and writes. -Then T gives out the Ho folded half. In order them to do the matching part individually. They will have 2 minutes ICQ 1) are you going to open? 2) how many minutes ? Fb 2 or 3 students come to the board and matches them on the board.( Ho will be shown on the projector)

preparing for the reading (1-2 minutes) • to get students attention on the context

-t Ppp's 3 questions on the board and asks them to discuss these questions with their partner in 2 minutes. "When did the internet start?" "Why did it start?" "What can you do on the internet?"

Reading for specific info. (5-7 minutes) • To develop ss reading skills by scanning

- T elicits some answers from the students - then shows the reading passage and tells them that they have 5 minutes to read very fast and find the answers of the questions ICQ 1) are you going to read it slow? 2) how many questions you will answer? 3) How many minutes? Fb They compare their answers with their partner

reading for detail (5-7 minutes) • to improve skimming skill they will read the text detailed and answer T/F questions

-T tells them to open the the ho and read the T/F questions if they can remember they can tick too (gives 2 minutes) - then tells ss to read the passage again and do the t/f questions individually in 5 minutes Fb Swap their papers to check the answers.

preparation for the speaking task (5-6 minutes) • to encourage ss creativity by preparing a new web side

-t puts ss in group of three (by saying www, .com, .tr, .uk) and tells ss to create their own web side by answering questions "What's you web side?" "What can people do in your web side?" "What's your logo?" **** be careful on not putting stronger students in the same group ICQ 1) are you working wit a partner? 2) How many questions will you answer?

speaking task (9-13 minutes) • To develop ss fluency on the context of the internet

-t will hang ss web sides. - Students will be regrouped by (google, facebook, youtube, and e-bay) they will walk around the class to 1)pick best logo, 2)most fun side, and 3)very creative web side name when they are walking around the class to look at the web sides with their groups if they are looking at their own web side who ever helped to create that web side will explain that web side to their group members. to do this they will have 10 minutes. teacher demonstrates what they will do. at the end t asks which once they picked. at the end teacher does the error coreection

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