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Reading, Have\has verb practice
A1 level


In this lesson the learners make reading for gist and specific information. They will name the text first and go through related exercises, including listening and PW. The SS practice the verb Have by making grammar spot, writing sentences about themselves and Have\has song activity.


Main Aims

  • Reading for gist and specific information

Subsidiary Aims

  • Practice of the verb Have


Lead in • to introduce the context of the lesson and to engage SS

T sets pictures of the actor and his family on the WB T elicits the family vocabulary from the class T writes the words on the WB to solidify their knowledge of the meaning, spelling and pronunciation.

Reading for gist • To enable SS to gain the idea of the text.

T spreads HO ICQ SS suggest ideas about the title of the test Pair check. FB SS listen and read the text

Reading for specific information • To make students understand the text in details

T provides ICQ SS complete True\False exercise T monitors SS check their answers in pairs Whole class FB T drills vocabulary

Highlight of TL • Clarification of MFP. Have verb practice.

T uses the text to draw the language SS are divided into 2 groups to clarify and practice the form of the form of the verb Have T provides ICQ. FB with the whole class SS use the grammar spot and and complete the form of the verb Have PW. FB

Post listening • To check their understanding of vocabulary and the verb Have. To make them able build shorts sentences about family

T gives HO with Family tree picture T provides ICQ SS fill the tree with the family vocabulary they have learned and make sentences about themselves with the verb Have\has T monitors PW, FB

If time activity • to make SS practice and check their understanding of what they learned

1. T gives HO to correct mistakes in the text. T provides ICQ SS complete the task. PW. FB 2. T gives the lyrics of the Have\has song activity T follows ICQ SS read the words and sing the song

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