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Speakout 1 level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and review of demonstrative pronouns, possessive 's and possessive pronouns 'mine' and 'yours' in the context of travelling

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist in the context of travelling


Warm up (4-6 minutes) • to revise the language for introducing a friend

in pairs Ss ask each other: What's your name? Where are you from? Ss introduce their classmates to the teacher. A: Hi Mahdis. This is my classmate Ahmet. He's from Ankara.

countries/nationalities (10-15 minutes) • revision

Ss use their devices and play a Kahoot game to revise the nationalities and countries.

present simple/ capital letters (5-8 minutes) • revision

T shares a google doc with the Ss and they edit the doc.

1A Vocabulary (15-26 minutes) • revise and practice

T shows the Ss what she has on her desk. Then asks the Ss to tell their partners what they've got in their bags/pockets. (2-3 mins) Ss match the words in the box with the pictures. Ss check their answers in pairs and then WCFB.(4-6) T demos how to underline the stressed syllable 'camera'. Ss listen and underline the primary stress. Then listen again and repeat the words out loud. (4-6) Ss close their books and try to remember as many words as they can and write them on a piece of paper. (2-4) T asks the Ss to discuss in pairs if the words need any articles: a/an (2-3) T write - a an on the board and the Ss put the words in the right columns. (3-4)

Reading (5-7 minutes) • practicing the TL

T asks the Ss: Do you travel a lot? Where do you go? What do you usually take? T introduces the questions in B and assigns the Ss to read and answer the questions. T points out the spelling of light in Travellite.

photo bank (5-7 minutes) • practice TL

T demos the activity on page 152: Ss first match the objects with the photos. WCFB. Then they choose the right article.

Extra (11-13 minutes) • practice vocab

Ss sit facing their partners. Ss match the words in the box to the pictures but they are not allowed to show the pictures to each other. They can ask: What's A? It's a ___. Answers: A a file/ B a mobile phone/ C a laptop/ D an umbrella/ E a camera/ F chewing gum/ G batteries/ H a watch/ I a sweater/ J coins/ K a dictionary/ L sunglasses T checks for correct pronunciation. T brainstorms what the situations are: on the beach/ on holiday in a classroom/ at school in town/ out with friends T tells the Ss they must choose 5 items from the box for each situation and they MUST agree.

Grammar (13-15 minutes) • clarify and practice

T points to the cartoon on page11 and asks: What are these people's names? Where are they? Are they happy? Tell your partner what you think the problem is. T explains the meaning of Rob's bag, then the Ss listen and answer the question in 3B. Ss read the Qs in C, then listen and answer the Qs. D, E and F.

Extra Whose are these? (15-17 minutes) • practice TL

T clarifies the possessive adjectives: I- my book/ you- your book/ She- her book/ He- His book/ It- its book/ We- our book/ they- their book/ Sarah- Sarah's book T introduces the characters Manisha and Ben and hands out he pictures. Tells the Ss they should remember whose objects they are.

Gram possessive pronouns • clarify and practice

Ss do 5 and then language bank B. Ss do 6, speaking and then language bank C.

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