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Copy of Simple Past irregular verbs
A2 level


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Main Aims

  • To provide review and practice of The Simple Past tense (irregular verbs) in the context of Last weekend's activities

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about Last weekends' story in the context of Last weekends' activities


Warm up (3-5 minutes) • set the context

Some papers will be attached around the class with a sentence on them. *Students will pair up. one student will be the runner and one student will be the writer. *The runner must run to the papers and read the sentence. then he has to run back to the writer and tell him the sentence.The writer has to write the sentence down.The first pair who finishes will be the winner. CCQs:"what's the subject today?"

Dictogloss (13-15 minutes) • engage students with the topic/listening for Gist&Spec.Info.

*A short story will be read for the students but before that the teacher prepares them for what they are going to hear.Then he'll set 1 gist question"what did I do?". *The teacher will read the text with a normal speed and he'll ask the answer for his gist question. *Then he will read the text again but this time students need to write some keywords.CCQ"Are u going to write full sentences?NO""Are you going to write he she is...?NO" after the first time reading, they will check their key words with their partner.(read one more time if necessary). *(music time limit:4 min)Now they have to rewrite the same paragraph using their keywords.The first pair who finishes will be the winner. (in order to check their answer the original paragraph will be given to them to check with their own) *Specific information questions: "Where did I go?""Where did she get married?" "who went to her wedding?""What did she wear?""Did we eat?"

Exposure (10-13 minutes) • Review the language used in previous task

*Teacher will draw their attention to the grammar used in the text."Can you find some past tense sentences?" *He will write one sentence on the board with an irregular verb(elicited from students). *Then the teacher analyzes the form for them (eliciting from their own knowledge) *"When?now?tomorrow? or past?"

Board Race (10-12 minutes) • Practice irregular verbs past tense

*The class and the board will be divided by two. The students will form a line like "| |". *The first person from each group takes a marker. The teacher will say a verb in present form and they need to write the past form on the board. They can also get help from their team mates. the first one who writes will earn a point. *The winner will be the group with more points.(8min) (If they need more verbs a piece of paper with some common verbs in their past and present form will be given to them) *Drilling the verbs (chorally & individually my own style)

Writing (Oprional) (5-7 minutes) • lead a grammar lesson to productive lesson

(THIS STAGE WILL BE EXECUTED IF WE HAD ENOUGH TIME) *The students will write a short story is past tense (in pairs) with some of the verbs on the board. *They will stick their stories on the wall or board. *The whole class will come to the board to read the stories. the best story will win.

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